Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sad Goodbyes and Early Mornings

Sunday evening and we are wrapping up our time here in Asheville.  As our home becomes more and more ours it gets harder and harder to leave.  We worked really hard this week with contractors and we worked hard getting the bedrooms ready.  No sheets on the beds, but just wanted to check out the bed covers I had picked out.  We went through all the containers we have brought up the past two trips and put away everything we could.  Thank you for all the compliments on FB of how inviting the rooms look.  The house was designed to reflect a farmhouse style and nothing says farmhouse to me like white iron beds.  We raised the height of the twins and our bed.  Note to self get little stairs for short friends who visit.  The queen bed is regular height and so are the corner unit beds.  Today, after church and lunch we came by the house to wrap up the last few things that needed to be done.  One of the things on our list was to use the washer and dryer and see how they did.  I could almost classify them as antiques but they will do for now.  It was difficult to leave our home today but there was a silver lining.  We finished up early and didn't want to return to the hotel just yet, so we went to Biltmore Park which is a lot like City Centre.  Roy saw a primo parking space, so we were close to everything.  We ended up at Barnes and surprise there and scored some 50% off items for our home here.  Of course we decided to take them to the house instead of carting them home and back on another trip.  Yea, another trip to the house.

We were so happy to learn that the vampires who have been next door to us all week checked out yesterday.  On Friday night, they argued, yelled, and slammed the door so many times, I only got about two hours of sleep.  This is where you think about doing some mischievous like removing their do not disturb sign or going to the house phone and calling their room with their wakeup call.  I cannot take credit for those ideas, those were Roy's.  Mine were real matured like slamming the door and singing about being up bright and early in the morning.  I might have sung Give Me Jesus in my best tenor voice.

We went to church this morning and the pastor is beginning a new series and we wish we would be here for it.  It started off very well.  I love his heart to encourage us to live beyond mediocre lives and being alive to the Spirit of God.  He used a Francis Chan video that was very thought and action provoking.

The early morning is coming too soon, so I must wrap this up and say good night.

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