Thursday, September 25, 2014

From Sunrise to Sunrise

This morning's sunrise has been absolutely beautiful!  All the clouds, pink tint and of course the big yellow ball itself fills one with awe over the handiwork of the Creator.  It was enjoyable to sit here and watch the sky change minute to minute, from glory to glory.

I had the strangest experience yesterday...  No really, not hyperbole.  I met with one of the designers that helped me with our little house on the prairie.  We were discussing what compasses a farmhouse look that is modern and not too camp in the way of furnishings and art.  She brought up the picture that I wrote about last year and if I labeled my posts, I could pull up a link but since I don't you'll just have to believe me.  I never really liked the picture and even after hanging it sideways, which I liked better, it went bye bye to another home, sold in last year's garage sale.   She asked me why I didn't like it....and this is where the strange experience I began to answer her, a picture flashed in my brain...a from my growing up had some of the same elements to the one I had never liked...only the one we had was abstract, my parents picture hadn't anything abstract about it.  In that flash, I knew why but wasn't going to say it out loud but some of my darkest days took place in the room where that picture was.  I have not ever, even one time, ever in my adult, move away from home life, ever thought about that picture...and there was that momentary flash revealing the deep, reason I had never liked that picture bought for our living room.  It felt like one of those TV montages.

This morning I had a check up with Dr. Carol Geer, my dentist.  All is well and that is swell.  We are at a good stopping point until next year.  Several months ago we had discussed going on ahead with some procedures, but my mouth and wallet say thank you for the break.

It is a good, no, great thing that Roy keeps up with the paperwork around here.  We are slowly but surely sending in all the stuff requested and he takes it all in stride while I freak out a bit.

Twenty four hours later and I find myself watching the beginning of the sunrise. The hue is bluer than yesterday with pink splashed all across the eastern sky.  The clouds are in layers making the view of them just that much more delightful to watch the minute by minute change. It is an early morning, with lots to do today.  Sitting here this morning with my mind filled with so much and my heart filled even more with gratefulness to God.

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