Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday Wind Down

These fogged in mornings on the back porch are drawing to a close.  I haven't spent as much time out here with Roy now being here.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact we have places we need to be and the mornings haven't been laid back.  This morning we are going to meet with the mortgage broker up here just to put faces with names and confirm in person what we need to have prepared.   It is pretty much the same kind of deal here but NC has a few additional steps and requirements to the process or it seems to me.  This is where the good old ADD kicks in.  I try so hard to stay focused when all this kind of talk is happening.

Yesterday we got an early start to the day.  We went to the Biltmore to get Roy a season pass and then we went to the Inn for breakfast.  Ah, such deliciousness.  William was there so I got his fabulous waffles too.  Since Roy brought his camera, we went out to the sunflowers and took a lot more pictures.  We just missed the sheep out in the pasture though.  After Biltmore we went over to the Tobacco Antique Warehouse and picked up one thing and then we made it back to the cottage with a little time left to rest before Brian met us to take us to see two more homes.

We only looked at two homes and one was nixed pretty quickly.  Strange floor plan and although it was on over an acre of land, it really wasn't what we were looking for.  Again, there should be a definite definition of what mountain view really means.  The other house we looked at, I had seen before but Roy had not.  We spent a good amount of time in that house and a good amount of time outside of the house.  OK, I did not do the outside part because it had been raining and I hope to never have to see the crawl space of any home.

Today we went to meet the mortgage broker that we would use if purchase a home in the area.  Very nice man and he and Roy were positively aglow when talking numbers, calculations, yield curves and amortization charts.  They discussed the pros and cons of everything mathematical.  I amused myself by reading FB and nodding when I thought the time was appropriate.  After several hours of that kind of thing, we decided to go back to the Biltmore and eat at Cedric's.  Then we had our dessert at the creamery which is always delicious.  Once again I got lost in Weaverville while looking for a Shell station but we finally found the station.  Shell kind of has the monopoly like they do in Rancho De Five.  After a brief but needed nap, I went over to see Vivian and I left when Bill came home with their dinner.   Roy and I have been watching Heaven is For Real this evening and I have begun the packing everything up process.

This has been one of the most wonderful trips and times of my life.  I feel healthier, better and have much more energy than I have at home.  The peacefulness of this place is just so satisfying.  Today, I have been gone a month and not until today have I fully turned my mind toward home to Buddy and friends.  Roy and I were laughing today because I might have a hard time easing back into Rancho De Five life.  It would be much easier to do so if I knew we had something tangible of our own to return to here but I don't know if that is going to happen this trip.  It's a process and it is faith.  If this year is not the year, then we know God has something better for us that we don't know anything about.   I do know this, that along with peace of heart and mind I have gained a new friend.  That was certainly nice of God to do for my sixtieth birthday.

In this valley all the noise is somewhat magnified.  You hear the crunch of gravel way down the road of a car pulling into their driveway.  Dogs across the way and roosters are heard.  When you walk on the road you can hear the approaching car way before it gets even anywhere close.  I love to hear the thunder rumble, it sounds very different up here.

Packing awaits and I can no longer delay.  I'm trying to take it all in and remember the views, the clouds, the sunsets and sunrises, the animals, the birds, and in all these things I remember and I am thankful for the kindness of God.

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