Monday, September 29, 2014

Starting Out on a Monday

Today's must be done?  Well, it would be doing the CBS homework for discussion on Wednesday but I haven't been totally inactive on it, I have read Luke 2 several times this weekend in preparation to answer the questions.  This morning while reading the chapter again, something wonderful jumped out at me.  No not Buddy, well yes Buddy, but she is not what I am talking about.  I never noticed that  when the angels announced Jesus' birth to the shepherds, that the sign for them to know they had found the Messiah was so simple yet unknowingly to them and for all the world, so profound.  You will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger.  From God's view, this is a huge sign, His only Son, come to earth to redeem us but a sign simple enough for the shepherds to see and share with others.  Sometimes when we see something so unbelievable we start to question and doubt, did we really see that?  But a baby in a doubts, no questions...just the good news that God had come down to dwell with mankind and not only to dwell but to save and redeem.  I loved that Mary treasured and pondered these things and thought of them often and our commentary suggests that Luke "interviewed" her before writing his account.  He got the scoop on Mary's heart and emotions on the birth of Jesus and he gives us that insight that the other Gospel writers didn't.

Yesterday, it was fabulous and fun.  Love the multi-gen Sunday's.  How special it is to worship God with the worship leaders being children, youth and adults.  Wow!  And we heard a powerful sermon from Pastor Gregg as we begin chapter 2 of Ephesians.  Since Roy stayed home to finish up our taxes, I texted Dena on Saturday to see if she wanted to go out to lunch after church and it all turned out so well that we had a Sunday where we could ride into church together.  That meant I would stay for Life Bible Study, which is has become not the usual for Roy and me.  I haven't been in Dayspring since maybe January or February.  Being out of class for that long one sees unfamiliar faces but yet you get caught up with those familiar to you, your longtime classmates and friends.  With the good comes the indifferent sometimes and I was reminded yesterday afresh why I had to drop off from attending Sunday School.  Nevertheless, it was a good lesson.  Next stop Molina's.  Love their salsa! I have been craving really good Tex Mex and Molina's fills the bill.  We had a great server and even got to sit at the table we like...and we spent lunch laughing and catching up.  Next stop, The Amish Craftsman.  While it is a little too soon to officially place my order, I wanted to get it all sorted through so that when we know the scheduling of moving some of our furniture, the timing of the things we ordered from them coincides with the mover's schedule.  Our last stop of the day before returning to Rancho De Five, The Fresh Market.  Love, love, love that store!  I'm thrilled that The Fresh Market's beginnings are in North Carolina and there is a Fresh Market not too far away from our new home.

On our trip in August, I bought a few books, surprise, in Blue Ridge, GA.  This weekend I began skimming one of the books, Creative is a Verb.  She has great pictures and great quotes.  I love me some quotes!  The author goes a little deeper in thought than most books in this genre.  Her thoughts on Yes or No, Not I'll Try.  I don't believe this woman is a believer but she writes beautifully on landing on and living in the land of I'll try, how living in that area steals away so much joy and living from us.  Then this morning I read Leadership Freak's article on Nuke Plan "B" and it reinforced the ideas from the book.  I need to give some attention to this and do a little more research.  It is very easy for me to say no and I have been learning to say yes to more things, but am I lying to myself and keeping away from adventure by resorting to the I'll try way of living?  Or the we will see or the let me think about it way of thinking.

I had a really nice surprise waiting for me on my phone.  The pastor from the church we attended in NC called and left us such an uplifting message.  I love the personal touch we have experienced as we have visited there.  They are doing an outstanding job of ministering to young families with children and the fruit of their love is a children's ministry running out of room.  This is a rural church in the land of Baptist churches on just about every corner and by way.  On a smaller scale it reminds me of the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace we experience in our services at First.  I love how First is reaching out to major unchurched cities, but there is such a need for partnership in rural communities where funds are limited but the spirit and the body are so willing to do the work.   Before going for my month sabbatical from Houston heat, I made a list of churches to visit in the area.  If they had a website, more than WMU for women's ministry and a heart for the lost, those churches were put on the short list...I never went past my first choice once I got there.

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Darn! I was hoping you would order the new furniture for the new house and I would get to take a little trip with Scott to deliver it.