Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Loving Labor Day 2014

Labor Day 2014 is just about in the books.  We had a little later start to the day but we were rolling out about 10:30 to take the scenic back way into Marshall.  The drive follows the French Broad river. Roy found a lot of picture taking opportunities.  The leaves are beginning to turn their fall colors.  Lots of reds and yellows today.  We drove over to Mars Hill where Roy had a field day in a photo kind of way.  The students have moved into the University, so it had that college feel today.  Since neither of us had been to Burnsville, we decided that would be our next stop.  We grabbed a quick burger and began our time there.  At the beginning of my search Burnsville held first place in house hunting but as time went on and as we talked with our agent, we knew it was a little too remote for us, especially health care wise.  But today we had a blast in the historic downtown area.  Very cute shops, antique stores and an Amish Store, not furniture but grains, breads and the like.  As Roy was taking pictures he stumbled upon a store he knew I would love.  So he called me and asked me to meet him across the street.  We went to Off the Beaten Path.  Oh my, it is a book nerds paradise!  Also a sheep/lamb lover's delight.  And of course antiques.  I could have spent a whole lot of time there but it was getting a little stuffy in the store but we came away with some great goodies.  Everything was 25% for Labor Day.  We loaded up the car and hit the next shop where Roy found t-shirts.  We also went to a few antique stores that will definitely have return stamped upon my brain.  As it is we are going to be stuffed to the gills coming home.  Since we were so close to Spruce Pine we decided to make a quick drive through the town....lots of things are closed for Labor Day in all of these towns but Spruce Pine was just about closed down.  The drives are beautiful and if it hadn't started raining, we might have driven up to Mt Mitchell.  Instead we opted for The Moose Cafe where Roy had baked chicken with dressing and I had the veggie plate.  Since neither one of us has ever been to the farmer's market here, we decided to stroll through and we know we will return there as well.  Guess we got back to the cottage close to 6:00 pm.  Roy is trying to finish up a book and I am trying to stay awake.  Tomorrow, we have another busy day that starts earlier than today.

Roy and I so enjoy the pace of life here.  He told me a comment that Charles Finney made way back in the day about cities naturally being a place of hurry and hustle.  Tomorrow we will see the last two houses I have researched with Brian and on Friday we will see a home that is not even on the market. We are also getting Roy a season pass tomorrow to the Biltmore...  And we will take advantage of the opportunity to have breakfast and also for him to take pics of the sunflowers.  I also need to make a quick return to the Tobacco Antique Warehouse and see if one thing is still there that got my attention.  Yes, I know the adage, better buy when you see it but if it is still there...it is meant to be.

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