Monday, September 1, 2014

A Very Pleasant Sunday in the Mountains

Sunday evening at the cottage...Roy and I are both reading, well actually now I am writing, but you get my drift.  He is finishing up his vacation book that has seen him through several vacations.  That means he didn't get the chance to read very much.  This morning at 7:30 Roy wakes me up to tell me I had better get up and start getting ready for church.  I reminded him we are in NC and church is 10 minutes away and it doesn't start till 11:00.  I let him sleep more but I got up to have coffee on the back porch.  Ah yes.  Soon Roy joined me and we had our breakfast together taking in the beauty of God's creation and creatures.

The pastor at New Found Baptist Church finished up his three part series on Genesis 14.  It was communion Sunday, so Mel and Abram fit very well into the picture of Jesus and the Last Supper.  Awesome sermon.  We met a few new people and were greeted by familiar faces from the last two weeks.  After church we tried a little place on down the road, Turkey Creek Cafe.  Last Sunday I passed by it and the parking lot was overflowing with vehicles.  This week we beat the crowds by a few minutes.  On Sundays it is all you can eat with the choice of three or four different meats.  So I did fried chicken and Roy had the catfish.  The sides were numerous and unlimited.  Mac and Cheese, green beans, slaw, fried apples, creamed corn, and more...and for dessert banana pudding.  Oh my word!  It was very good!  During the week there is the regular menu and I think Roy would like to get back and try breakfast or lunch.  The burgers are supposed to be some of the best.

After lunch we came back to the cottage and changed clothes.  Since Roy is not familiar with the Weaverville area we drove around the town and then we headed out around the French Broad and back to the cemetery with the big cross like a gateway to the mountains.  Vivian told us about the angel carved from a fallen tree there in the cemetery and we went to see it.  It was all done with a chainsaw.  Unbelievable details!

Later in the afternoon we went over to Bill and Vivian's because Roy and Vivian had never met.  We visited for a bit and then we left to try to find a spot to capture the sunset.  Roy didn't like the pictures he got so we will try again this week.  We realized all of the sudden we were starving.  So we made a mad dash before darkness falls on the back roads into Weaverville to pick up some burgers and get home.  We had a quiet evening as Roy is trying to finish up his book and I was keeping up with Baylor via Twitter and FB.

Our plans are in the air tomorrow but we have a few ideas where we would like to go.  Guess we will see which way the wind blows us in the morning.

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