Friday, September 12, 2014

It Feels Like Bible Study

Even though the temps remind us that the calendar is lying to us, it began to feel like fall yesterday.  It began to feel like fall because Community Bible Study began.  After being a core group facilitator for two years it felt kind of strange actually arriving at 9:30.  The lobby of the church looked like an airport waiting area with all the hugs and greetings and smiles.  Everyone excitedly asking about summers and the latest news.  Finally they were able to corral us into the sanctuary so that the 2014-2015 study of Luke could begin.  I think each group is at capacity with 16.  My core group leader is new this year but she did a fantastic job.  I think our group will have great discussion because we had great fun and laughs during our first day of Bible study introductions to each other.  This is the first year that Peggy and I have been separated and it will be just fine, but we like to give the leadership a hard time about it.  Lots of friends were split up this year to be able to share the love....

After Bible study Bev, Eileen and I went to lunch.  Eileen usually has someplace she has to be on Thursdays after Bible study, but her schedule was open and we had one of our traditional short lunches and left the restaurant about 2:00ish.

I wonder if my birds here are mad at me because I was hanging out with other birds while I was gone?  Uh right, uh no, no one fed the birds while I was gone, so they are slowly but surely coming back.  I wonder if the cows here are mad at me because....oh wait, there are no cows around here. Since we are supposed to have some few hours of pleasant weather this weekend, hopefully some roses can be dead headed around here.  

Last night Roy and I went to dinner at 3 Olives since we had dinner at Luby's on Tuesday, anniversary, and Burger King, official contract day, on Wednesday.  We had a great time together and a great dinner.  Usually, I am not much of a fan for live music when you are trying to talk, but the group they had last night didn't blast you but enhanced the atmosphere.  Then we went to Target and Radio Shack since we have to keep our cool factor intact.

This weekend I will bring out the fall decor.  Last year it came out on Labor Day.  It is my most favorite time of year!  And next year, it will not only be a favorite thought, it will be an actuality of experience.

My hair is the longest it has been in forever and I am looking forward to my haircut today with Stevie.

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