Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This Is the Time Mary and Zechariah Must Sing....and me Too!

My mother wasn't a fan of musicals or musical theater.  I heard her say so many times, they are telling a perfectly good story and then someone has to go and ruin it all by singing and telling us the same thing but now musically.  Oklahoma was her least favorite musical and I liked to sing songs from it to aggravate and tease her.  Hmm..., maybe it wasn't the musical but my singing.  This weekend while doing Luke homework I discovered maybe for the first time that musicals are Biblically based since Elizabeth and Mary are talking and then filled with so much gladness, Mary bursts into song.  The other new thing is that most would have looked at Elizabeth's pregnancy as the true miracle, being old and what not...and it was a miracle but the birth of a Savior, to a young virgin girl is the greatest miracle and gift, even though through natural eyes Mary's pregnancy looks to be more like a disgrace.  Don't you know all the gossips at church were having a hey day talking about Elizabeth and Mary, of course disguised as a prayer request.  There is usually one in every temple or church group that wants to be the ONE in the know and that person usually is the dispenser of news, both good and gossip.   They are the ones that tell you something that was told to them in confidence and then says after disclosure, I am sure_____________ wouldn't mind you knowing.   Uh, if they didn't mind me knowing, they would have told me....duh!!!!  The value of having someone in your life that does that is for those occasions when you want to get some news out but don't feel like making a million phone calls, texts or emails....so you tell this person and they will single handily do the work for you.  But ALWAYS remember, do not disclose anything you want held in confidence.

We got the appraisal report back today and it's all looking good.  Roy and I have been discussing the pros and cons of keeping this house.  We are going to give it at least a year to see how much time I will really spend in Rancho De Five verses NC before making a decision.  Roy is working on the spread sheets to compare apartment living close to the office verses what expenses we have here.  We were happy to have paid off this house in April of this year.  At the time Roy felt the urging of the HS to pay off our house about a year ago, we naturally thought of all the negatives that could happen instead of a blessing while we paid it down.  So Roy will be comparing house expenses verses rent and general expenses.  He thinks we could save about $500.00 doing this.  Although I don't know if he factored in SW flights.  He said spread sheet and I happily went about thinking of fun stuff and nodding every so often and saying, uh huh, yes, oh sounds good.  So now I am rethinking furniture and actually thinking now of moving more furniture from here to there, especially the pieces from Amish Craftsman.   It will also depend on getting a generator up there.  Roy will be in NC a lot, for which I am thankful for but  I am torn of course because I love and will miss so many friends but hopefully, friends will be enticed to come up and see me sometime.    Moving also puts distance between my father and his false accusations and us which is a huge positive. Distance won't be a factor of being involved at a church.  Oh, a negative, I will miss, MISS choir, even though I haven't been able health-wise to participate in quite a while.  Since we will be on the east coast, when the webcast starts we will be in Sunday School.  Guess I will have to do long term what I did the month I was gone....play the choir and orchestra CD's over and over and over again and hope for more serving in three services on Sunday kinds of days.  Of course all of this is in the think through stage and we aren't rushing a decision.

As I continued with my homework I now know that Zechariah also bursts forth into song after saying a few words from his angel imposed silence.  Really, when it gets down to it, you can't help but burst into song when you give thanks and recount the blessings and promises of God.  Why, I feel like breaking into song right now....Aren't you glad this isn't a podcast?

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