Saturday, September 20, 2014

We're Having Fun

There isn't a shortage of old barns in the area where our home is located, and for that matter there is not shortage of Baptist Churches either.  I think Roy grew a little weary from me asking him to take more pictures of barns and churches.  Guess it is all that long ago training of bringing the tithes to the storehouse and also bringing your first fruits.  Although, I don't think I have ever seen anyone bring their first fruits or first born livestock to church...guess that's why there are barns and churches.  When I was a child I misunderstood the term tithes.  I thought the preacher was saying ties.  I was a little confused why the church needed so many ties and I knew my mom didn't own ties, so how could she give?  What the heck, how could I give?

All our inspections have taken place and all the results are good.  So thankful for that.  There are a few things that need to be addressed but nothing major.  This past week we have been discussing our strategy.  We have discussed waiting until March to begin any major work because I am not a fan of the kitchen tile and we have thought about replacing the living room and kitchen's flooring with hardwood that matches the rest of the downstairs.  New to the discussion is not addressing these things right now and look more toward getting our home furnished and ready.  This house does not have the backup propane forced air heater in case of loss of power, so we are looking into having a propane generator and converting the wood fireplace into a gas log fireplace...of course being from Texas, we think natural gas but it would be propane.  It's a new learning curve.  We have gone and looked at several options we are considering for the bonus room.  I like the bright and sunny feeling of the yellow throughout the house, so we will definitely be keeping that but we are considering the bonus room to be done in hues of grays and blues since that is going to be Roy's man cave.  Today I ordered dishes which is nothing new, but ordered more of  the same pattern we use here but I am kind of fond of it.  Some of the bedding has been ordered and some of it has already been delivered.  I'm keeping everything unopened so things will travel better when we go up that way.

Last night as we came home from having dinner with Emily and David, Roy said...can you believe it?  We are buying a house in NC!  I don't think either of us even ever thought we would be doing this at our age but it is doing things like this that keep you young and on your toes.  Using a lot of brain power to think and rethink decisions and we are having a lot of fun doing this.

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