Monday, September 8, 2014

We're Back.......

We are back!  Houston pulled out all the stops in welcoming me back from God's country, rain, humidity and heat.  It's kind of like Houston was saying to me, leave again and there is more where this came from.  I'm taking my chances though.

We came back but not empty handed.  The back of Sequisha proved that to be true but not in the back of Sequisha but in our hearts and cramped fingers from paperwork, we came back with a house under contract.  The whole home adventure ran the range of emotions.  Our first full day we looked at seven houses and the next day we looked at three or four, I don't quite remember.  During the weeks I was there by myself, I would go out and do drive bys of houses that looked interesting from Zillow.  I was able to rule out a bunch so Brian and I didn't waste time.  I have learned a lot about North Carolina real estate in the past few months.  A major accomplishment was learning to drive the back roads and I'm still learning about treacherous driveways.  Funny, in April when all this began in earnest, I was looking at Burnsville, Mars Hill, Marshall, Waynesville, Swannanoa, Black Mountain and Hendersonville.  We found our home about a mile from the cottage on the farm where I was staying.  We started at condos with more of a vacation feel and quickly realized that our search was more about a single family dwelling and a home to retire to on down the road.  It was a fun adventure for sure.  I had looked at the home we have under contract and loved it, but I wasn't too sure that Roy would, so I guarded my heart and put it on the back burner.  When Roy came back last week, Brian scheduled it for us...and Roy liked it.  He did all the outside looks while I sat inside with visions of furniture dancing in my head.  The house had the top three requirements, view, room for guests and a man cave for Roy, or in this case a bonus man room for Roy...since there isn't any basement.  (So glad I waved my no crawl space requirement)  So basically, we have a home with a view, four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a bonus room, family room, dining room, living room, kitchen, eat in kitchen, front porch, soon to be screened in, and a landscaped back deck/patio.  We just need to get a few things done and then start looking at furniture so we can have guests once we start using the house which will not be until late spring at my best guess.

I have spent most of the morning putting things up.  I am now going through all the bags I brought home.  It's like I totally forgot things we bought in Blue Ridge.  So finding those has been a nice surprise.  It feels funny that I was gone for over a month but I am getting back into the rhythm of Rancho De Five life.  

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