Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's Up Wednesday?

The morning has the look of the Smokey Mountains but has  the temps and feel of summer in Texas.  I'm thankful to be in an air conditioned home which combats the summer feel.  October 1st, somewhere in the world people are experiencing fall.

I need to finish up Luke homework today.  Just have day 5 to complete.  Chapter 2 begins with such assurance in the heart of Mary and we know via Matthew in the heart of Joseph but by the end of the chapter, they have lost Jesus.  They retrace their steps back to the Temple and find Him there.  I love the joke about this from the play Late Night Catechism; the reason we don't hear of know anything about Jesus from age 12 to age 30 is....Mary so grounded Him.  I wonder if by age 12 Mary and Joseph thought Jesus was going to be the Messiah that frees them from the oppressive  world of the Romans and not remembering the big picture....who knows?  Well God does, but once again CBS has created a wonderful study.

It's all about staying in parameters and I forget sometimes that if I go outside of the parameters...I stop feeling so good.  Yesterday, I took a walk on the wild side...I became a parameter perp while moving large boxes that had been delivered yesterday and left by the front gate.  Two of the boxes, desks for the Alex house, were not too bad but the last box of library inspired bookcase shelving, did me in, even using a hand truck or dolly....whatever they are called.  My fear was fainting and the shelves falling down on me.  I barely got the heavy, awkwardly long box into the garage and I struggled to find something to lean on while gathering my wits and strength.  Also, I would like to mention the beads of sweat streaming down my forehead and into my eyes brought back PTSD of the Bataan Death March of Chattanooga in 1999.  It took the rest of the afternoon and evening to recover but happy to report I awoke this morning bruised from woman-handling boxes but I woke up refreshed and back into parameter living, with a heartbeat in rhythm.

Since the Dr isn't in on Saturday and neither is either one of the cat whisperers, I took Buddy today for her mani/pedi.  She wasn't all that happy about it.  This morning I quietly closed the guest bedroom door where she will sleep and it makes it nearly impossible for me to get to her under the bed.  Mission accomplished.  She was fascinated with the birds today, so it was easy peasy picking her up and putting her into her crate.

As things are getting closer to closing, it is so much nicer having Roy talk to all these people and not be cc'd on many of these emails.  It is getting down to the last technical portion of everything but my part in all this has already started in some ways.  As we think about what stays and what goes, I am also using the opportunity to clear out closets and drawers.  It is amazing the amount of stuff we have accumulated in three years.  When we moved from the condo to the prairie, we had done a huge purge of things.  Of course this isn't a total move but you think through things that you don't want to have double of, and of course there are those things you have to have double of, but it will soon be time to go through books and the like.

We got the measurements for the bonus room and the family room.  So now I'll wait to see what Sandra and Fay put together.  I think we should go smaller on the couch and chair in the bonus room so that Roy can have the other things in his man cave that he wants.  The entrance to the room is about 7 feet long and 6 feet wide.  We like how the seller has a recumbent bike in some of that space, so we will duplicate the look.

So that's what's up on a Wednesday.  I finished my homework and packed away clothes for the spring in the it's all good.

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