Friday, October 24, 2014

This Listing is No Longer Available

How fun was it to find this notification on and one like it on Zillow this morning?  My friends, oh yes, it was fun.  Now it really, really feels official in an official and public way.

The past few days have been quite social.  On Wednesday I got to visit with long time friends. Visiting with CourtneyS, no make that laughing with CourtneyS was so much fun and a much needed catch up.  We have shared many a good time, many a good memory and we have walked with one another in difficult days.  She is one of those friends you are able to pick up where you last left off because we don't get to see each other as often now.  We also have bonded over office supplies and the need for a good journal...or in my case mega journals.  To be able to grab a little visit on a MidLink Wednesday was truly a gift...I remember all too well those hectic Wednesday afternoons.

Wednesday evening Dena joined us at Red River for a celebratory "we bought a house dinner."  Fried shrimp seemed to say congrats.  Roy and I love having dinner with Dena.  Always a good time and she and Roy can talk office "shop" while I amuse myself with a salt shaker or a fork.  I really miss that little animated space alien on my long time ago phone.  His antics kept my interest.

Thursday morning, Bible study.  Our core group is beginning to bond but I am not used to it taking this long of time.  We have lots of women in our group with wonderful insights and stories of the Gospel in their lives and we are a good mix age-wise.  Peggy and I went to lunch afterwards because it seems like we have not sat down and talked in the longest while.  We went to Jimmy Changa's around noon and left a little after 3:00.  It was really nice that we were in the last booth in the room so we had no distractions except the ADD ones we make ourselves.  But really they are more like a turn in the road rather than distractions and at some point we will come back to the subject during the conversation.  The chili con queso was fab.u.lous!!!!  I am so excited that their annual girl's trip will be coming North Carolina way next year! Peggy is welcomed to come anytime.  As much as she doesn't ever want to be a mentor, she has been a great example to me of using what God has given you to bless others and have fun at the same time.

Able and crew worked longer here on the lawn and shrubs than any time I can remember in the recent past.  The flowerbeds look so good weeded.  This weekend Roy and I need to put out some more mulch and some garden soil.

I have been busy today with projects, like getting our Thanksgiving/Christmas dishes packed up once it comes time to head toward NC on one of many trips taking things but there before we move quite a bit of furniture from here to there. I've also spent time going through bookcases.

The other night right before turning in, I looked out the front door.  I hardly ever do that and much to my surprise there was a big box in front of our gate.  It was so close to the gate I couldn't open it to see how heavy the box was.  I hated to do it, but I woke up Roy because a big ol' box like that might be too tempting for a crime of opportunity.  We got out through the garage and I don't believe he was fully awake, for one thing he hadn't put on his glasses and the other clue was he was pushing the hand truck around not in a straight path.  He was a little woozy.  We rearranged some things and put the box in the garage.  It is a chair I ordered that is going to look so cute in one of the bedrooms.  It was on Joss and Main, so you have to order things when you see them because they might not be offered again.  The casita bedroom just might have to become a storage room for a few months.

Guess it is back to work, but I have a little spring in my step because....this listing is no longer available!

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