Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quiet Sunday

Good Sunday morning!  It must be due to the fact I went to bed at 8:30 last night that has offered the opportunity to arise so early this morning.  The college football world was shaken up yesterday with top teams tumbling down.  LSU is in a rebuilding year.  The game was a total opposite of last year when Nick Marshall had the deer in the headlights look with all the noise in Death Valley.  Brandon Harris had the same look at Auburn this year.  Baylor beat Texas so the day wasn't a total washout football wise for us.  Oh and Alabama lost...that is a cause to celebrate anytime that happens.

Another women's retreat is in the books.  It had something for everyone, lots of laughs, sentimental tears for those who love to cry, great worship music, a powerful message from Kelly Matte and Debbie Stewart brought the Word in a powerful and funny way.  Laughter and joy are change agents for the is biblical, good like a medicine.  And when laughter and fun have opened the heart, the heart accepts the truth it needs to hear and the seed planted is not soon lost to the cares of this world.  I only got caught in one surprise table talk thing but for once I wasn't at the table with someone strange and odd who ruins the whole experience.  For me, the Word I heard confirmed the changes that are on the horizon and just like the Chariots of Fire guy, I felt God's pleasure in His confirmation of life ahead.  Thank goodness I didn't have to run like the Chariots of Fire guy to know God's pleasure.

Dang, nobody told me that the word sweet was going to be replaced by the word amazing at the retreat.  I can't complain, I will take amazing over non descriptive sweet any day of the week.

After church we ate at Goode Company and made our usual stop at The Fresh Market.  Loaded up with meals for the week we came on home.  We are having a quiet Sunday afternoon and Roy just left to go go Lifetime and Sprouts.  My knees are recovering from wearing a shoe with a slight heal to church.  This week as I go through shoes, I'm going to keep my mamaw flat shoes and give away all the rest.  My niece is claiming a pair of my cool boots.  Yep, it has come to this day....all flats and tennis shoes.  Asheville is such an eclectic area you can wear just about anything and fit in...I am so looking forward to that freedom.  It is also that time of year when my usual uniform of linen gives way to winter wear, except there isn't any winter around here, so there are the awkward few weeks of what goes in this season wear.  Of course there is always the go to of black pants, skirt or dress with a jean jacket, my winter standby.

Several books and projects are waiting on me and guess I should begin my Bible study homework sometime....

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