Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quiet Saturday Mornings

A sunny Saturday morning with rain predicted for later today.  It is quiet.  Buddy has gone for her early morning nap and Roy is at Bible study and he is then running a few errands before coming home.  I am in the coughing phase of this cold, so that means I am in the home stretch of getting this cold thing wrapped up.

Yesterday morning was the good old blonding up appointment at Emmanuel.  Love the whole process of hair maintenance along with great conversation and wonderful products to choose from.  I had been really good using up everything I had at home before purchasing some much needed items yesterday.  I had plans to do a few other things after the appointment but the coughing jag sent me home and that was probably the best place to be.  Infinity Water came and changed out the filter in our kitchen while I was going through and throwing away or recycling magazines.  It was even more productive later in the afternoon when Roy went through his T-shirts and shorts and got several bags ready for KCM.

Thursday was brunch day at Bible study and once again I am in a group of excellent cookers.  Several came up to me after teaching time and asked if I had brought grits because they wanted some, but I hadn't made them this time.  This study of the book of Luke is a good one and the homework has been thought provoking.

Looks like the home buying process is back on track and hopefully will have a closing date sooner than later.  The seller has been so generous with timing but we are fast approaching her closing for her new home, so our prayer is for everything timing-wise to go well for both parties.  In retrospect I wish the decision hadn't been made to go with the first lender.  It seemed like they didn't know much about a few things that are intrinsic to us or maybe Texas.  They didn't know what a master limited partnership was, I mean really doesn't everyone know?  Well, no, but if you are in the business you'd think there would be familiarity with them.   It is puzzling that they would look at this one fraudulent tax return weighed against all the excellent reports still says they don't know what a master limited partnership is because they thought Roy owned about 25% of the company he works for....he told them if I did, why would I be coming to y'all for a home mortgage?  We have had several positive signs that things are moving along now and we anticipate closing on our dream sooner than later.

Now to stay home, take it easy and get rid of this cough due to cold.  This cold has put a damper on some of our weekend plans, so instead of being out and about with friends, I will concentrate on working around here and watching college football in between projects or between attention spans.

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