Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Worlds Colliding...Worlds Coinciding

It was bound to happen and this morning it did.  Roy had just left for the office and Buddy had cuddled up on my arm.  My plans were to grab a little extra sleep before getting up.  Buddy rarely sleeps with her face toward mine.  I have read it is a great sign of affection and love when a cat puts their rear end toward you.  I'm sure  there are still studies right now of having a rear end in your face when people stow their carry on in the storage bin above the seats on an airline.  Think we are safe to assume there is no love or affection in that, only the high possibility of someone, usually a man, fluffing in your face.  Back to Buddy...anyway this morning she decided to sleep with her face close to mine.  Cue a little Roberta Flack...the first time ever I saw your face....  Anyway, just as Buddy edged closer to me, her whisker went perfectly inside my nostril and you can imagine the scene...screaming, throwing off covers, getting tangled up in said covers, grabbing my glasses and a tickle inside my nose that I can still feel.  I scared Buddy and she was running around the bed and concluded her fearful time with a perfect 10 dismount onto the floor.  The Russian judge gave her an eight.  So where was this Russian judge, sitting with Roberta Flack.  Is someone's ADD all over the place this morning?  Hmmmm.....maybe.  With all the excitement the thought of sleeping longer wasn't a viable option anymore.  Funny, how dreams and actual happenings can synchronize.  In my dream, I was auditing a class at Rice University and was quite an avid student.  The professor had just mentioned that I might qualify for admittance to the university and challenged me to be low key and unemotional in the pursuit of this and it was just at that moment whisker penetration to the nostril cavity commenced in real life.  I feel certain I am not going to be admitted to the university now after that display.  I am trying to remember what area of study I was so good in from the dream.

We've added a little mix to the bird feeder.  This week we put sunflower seeds, already shelled, in the feeder and it is a bird free for all feeding frenzy.  The mockingbirds have taken over which makes the doves watch and eat a little faster because no one knows when the mockingbirds are going to dive bomb the area.

This week in CBS we are in Luke 5.  Luke 5 is in my top ten favorite chapters of the Bible.  The stories in that chapter are so foundational and Dr. Luke gives good details in each one of them.  There are several questions discussing the phrase fear not or don't be afraid.  So far we have seen angels say this and now Jesus in the book of Luke.  So after loving the homework, I got the opportunity to put what I had just studied into action in the fear and chaos of change verses resting in God's timing and kindness.  We hit another snag in the home buying process over a little, tiny sliver of property and trying to define who owns it and does it change the appraisal value which means all the paperwork will have to be reworked and a new filing thus delaying closing.  That opens the door for the seller to renege on selling, we lose $3000.00 and begin a new process of looking for a NC home.  That 'fear' lingered a bit in the air and I had to decide how I was going to respond; shut down in fear or chose joy and continue on with the day.  Good thing we had just studied Luke 4 and using the Word in those trying times.  So I prayed and asked several friends to pray with us.  Oh my, never doubt an encouraging response and word...I was so encouraged and lifted in spirit reading the faith filled words  they wrote.  Thus, I went about the day doing what I had planned which almost all revolved around preparation for getting the Alex home.  Yesterday morning in my Bible reading, this verse caught my attention, "You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways over flow with abundance." Psalm 65:11

Funny just like dreams and real life interactions, so do blog writing and emails coincide.  Just got more news... it is a process...it is a hard pathway...but Psalm 66:11 comes in, "For I cried out to him for help, praising him as I spoke."  Which reminds me of Eph 6:18, "pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion."  If the Lord brings us to mind today, we'd appreciate the prayers.  

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