Sunday, October 12, 2014

Just Me and Whinetta....

This is sabbatical Sunday and in reality we haven't had one of these in a long time.  Upon returning from NC, we have been in church every Sunday which before NC seemed to be an every other Sunday kind of thing.  This wouldn't be sabbatical Sunday except for this cough due to cold thing, which seems to be diminishing each day.  Yahoo!  There are several choices in cold distractions.  The desire to breathe through the nose, giving up carrying Kleenex everywhere and the strangest cold distraction this noise that comes out of the throat at the strangest times....most especially when one is trying to sleep.  It is a high pitch whinny sound, not the usual wheezing.  Maybe this comes with age because I have not experienced this before.  At times when hearing that noise that can sound like someone talking in the distance does it finally occur to me, hey, that disgusting noise is coming from me.  In the ranks of disgusting noises from one's person...this one would be the public noise of choice but it is nerve-wrecking when you are trying to fall asleep.  Since this noise has been with me this week I have given it a name, Whinetta.

So me and this throat noise cleared out a few closets yesterday with long breaks of college football in-between.   Whinetta and I started in the bathroom linen closet which contains linens but most shelves are filled with product.  Oh mainly hair product, liniment, spray liniment, band aids, fragrance products, lotions but no potions.  By clearing out old product there was room for more linens...i.e. towels.  The collection of give away make up bags was thinned out to the bare minimum...which is about two at this time.  Whinetta and I watched the MSU-Auburn game during cleanup breaks and we decided  to root for the underdog MSU since both teams had beaten LSU.   Next on the cleanup agenda was a couple of drawers in the bedroom where cleanup and watching meshed.  By now we are watching the Baylor game and at times I had to look away because it was hard watching the Bears fall behind so early and so often.  So it was back to the MSU game.  By the time Whinetta and I hit the guest bedroom closet, Roy was involved in watching the games so we were at his mercy of which game we watched.  The TV in that bedroom is hooked up to the same receiver in the living room, so you are at the living room viewers mercy.   Work continued as stuff went into bags and containers for KCM.  This is the closet of hopeful return, meaning smaller sized jeans made up a lot of the content along with season decor.  I gave up hope and loaded those jeans up for someone else to enjoy because I know me, by the time I get back down to the smaller size, I will want to buy new clothes, not wear old clothes that has laid dormant in the closet and under the bed.

But the closet did not become the hopeless closet because buried under seasonal decor and jeans, a box, that had totally slipped from mind...full of pictures.  Lots of pictures of my mom, brother, nieces, and Roy.  And a few other favorites like the year my tennis ladies beat the church ladies at the Christmas Table Top event and Lisa P, Dena and I at Cafe Beignet in NOLA.  The before and aftermath of delicious treats.  I rejoiced in Baylor's comeback victory, I rejoiced that LSU had a walk off field goal at The Swamp and I rejoiced that I had more pictures than I remembered after the whole box  debacle of 2014, the boxes from my father's house.  God truly restores the years the locust devoured.

My One Word for this year is perseverance.  It has been a word that has given me hope in desperate times and it is a word that perfectly describes so many events of this pers-a-dang-vere as Beth Moore so aptly puts it.  I have begun my search for the One Word for next year and I am leaning toward something light and airy....I think it's about time for one of those kind of years.   I need to check with Whinetta first.

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