Thursday, October 2, 2014

Up Late and Out of Rhythm

It is 1:45 am and I have been asleep for a while but the irregular beat of my heart woke me up.  Dang!  Was it the heat yesterday?  Was it overdoing it with the boxes?  Or is it the stress I tried not to experience from the whole boxes from my father debacle?  Who knows?  Could be a combination of all three or it just could be the little episodes that happen from time to time.  It has been since April since the last episode.  So, I got up and prayed and now I am writing on the blog trying to get my heart settled down and back into a normal rhythm.

Yesterday, I spent time cleaning out my side of the closet.  It is almost, but not quite time to do the whole seasonal rearranging of clothes but it seemed like a good idea to get some of my linen pants stored away for next spring.  Apparently, I have a lot of linen pants but actually, I keep wearing the same ones over and over.  More times than not all the Flax I own has been purchased on sale but I was a little taken back how many pairs of Flax linen pants I have in a variety of colors and neutrals. I also discovered I have way too many pairs of black jeans.  How did that happen?  Another brand I try to buy on sale is CJ Cookie Johnson jeans.  They are long enough so I can wear boots with them in the winter.  Yes, the bane of my tall life has been from the beginning, pants long enough to wear heels and boots and not have the high water pants look.  Fortunately now that can be the style but my high heel days are in the past.  The drawback to CJ jeans is most of them are a low rise jean...which means for this non low rise body that shirts I wear with those jeans have to be long enough to cover my continental divide.  Then I found that NYDJ brand jeans had a higher rise and since I am not as tall as I used to be, they work length-wise.  Funny, with CJ jeans I had to wear Not Your Daughters Underwear...meaning not my usual kind but with NYDJ, what I wear is just fine....and no I do not wear granny panties.  Haute Look, Rue La La and My Habit will run online deals for NYDJ and I think I got so excited to find $120.00 jeans for $35.00, I ordered without really thinking or looking at my closet.  So this winter if you see me in black jeans all the time, the chances are good they are not the same pair I am wearing over and over and over again.  While I am confessing, I have too many pairs of regular jeans too.

Of course I know where this whole way too many clothes thing comes from...of course childhood.  But I need to grip on things.  I have made a lot of progress over the years but I need to get a better handle on this.  Of course I could justify all the jeans because, you know, now I am wearing for two...different, I didn't think it would fly.  On a positive note Katy Christian Ministries is getting lots and lots of stuff.

Maybe my heart is out of rhythm thinking of all these linen pants and black jeans?

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