Sunday, October 26, 2014


Today, once again I was reminded it is best when I stay in my parameters.  Although, I didn't think beforehand I was stepping outside the boundaries.  Dena and I went to the craft fair at the Equestrian Center today.  This is one show I have been to several times and have always thought it was one of the best ones out there...until today.  We so hope for cool days here in October but truthfully it was too hot to have the show in the arena with little to no air circulating except for a few fans here and there.  Since this is in the arena carpet has been laid down over the uneven sand floor which added to difficulties if you have bad knees or backs.  Lots of slow walking people, us included, in tight, uneven, hot space is a recipe for disaster.  It did not take long for the heat to begin its work and as sweat dripped off my hair and neck, the beginnings of a heart going out of rhythm began.  Fortunately this began just as Dena was wrapping up her shopping and we both agreed the time had come to leave and eat lunch.  It could have been the heat but this year the show seemed redundant with so many booths looking alike with the same merchandise whether it was Christmas or jewelry or clothes.  One booth in particular really was grinding because as people passed by the lady sitting at the front of their space rang a doorbell.  Constantly...yea, that will bring me in, a constant ringing of a doorbell.  Dena found a few nice things and probably if we weren't planning on moving a large portion of possessions to NC, I would have been a little more involved in the shopping aspect but there always in the back of my mind is, that will just be another thing to move.

Second time this week to eat at Jimmy Changas.  It was just as delicious as the first time.  The place was packed but the service was great.  They have some of the best queso around.  After lunch we headed over to the Ace Hardware store on Mason.  I have never been to that Ace Hardware and now I can see why everyone loves it!  Yes, I found a purse there.  We had gone to Ace for light bulbs and when we got back to Dena's where  I spotted her for safety on a ladder while she climbed up and down the ladder.

What a great win for LSU!  I did my part by not watching the fourth quarter because every time I watched there was an interception or fumble.  I got my news from Twitter and interpreting Roy's yells and disappointed groans.  But smash mouth football came through with a victory for the Tigers in Death Valley.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for beating Ole Miss, it would be great if y'all would beat bama.
War Eagle!
Kathy in Brandon, MS