Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fleeing From the Land of Entitlement

Sunny and beautiful Monday, how thrilling it is to be a part of this day.  I am coming into the day a little battle scarred and weary but thankful for a good recovery.  This weekend I went beyond my parameters on both Saturday and Sunday and I also took a trip to the land of entitlement.  Both Sequisha and I made it out of there with nary a scratch but it was a good reminder once again, I feel good because for the most part I live within the parameters set for me.

Since Roy could not work on his laptop at the car dealership Saturday morning when he took Sequisha in for her maintenance checkup and LSU was playing Saturday night, so he stayed home from church Sunday morning to get some work taken care of.  So I went solo to church and not really planning on staying for Life Bible Study but I checked the hours of Pottery Barn and saw they opened at noon on Sundays.  So, I went but left early from LBS.  Holding to the near and dear tradition of also being late for LBS with Peggy, we had such fun in the hallway meeting, greeting and talking with friends.  Late for Sunday School but on time for the lesson.

So this week is the shopping card week and the parking lot in front of PB was packed!  By the grace of God I was in the right place at the right time for a parking space and by the grace of God an associate at Pottery Barn Kids found me.  NO, there isn't any announcement for the visit other than we are going with the corner unit/twin beds for Roy's man cave at PBK.  LL Bean makes daybed covering out of sunbrella material which makes it durable for use as a couch.  At first Roy didn't want anything in that room for sleeping but I convinced him when my girlfriends come to visit, we could use the extra sleeping room.  Ordering didn't take anytime and I was off to PB with a quick stop into Anthropologie thrown in.  Once again, I didn't wait for an associate at PB, one greeted me at the door. She was a newbie but that was unknown at the door.  It was an exhausting and long drawn out experience but scanning the customers there at PB, I probably would be the most patient and forgiving of missteps and do-overs.  That's not because I am a patient person, rather it is the reminder of first and new days in jobs over the years and the kindness extended to me by people I was helping. As the process took about an hour, some of the most entitled people and rude people approached the  cash wrap and demanded to helped then or more importantly right now...the fact that all the associates were helping customers be danged!  Yes, pushing return merchandise closer and closer to the register is the mature and right thing to do.  Standing under the hot track lighting for over an hour put me outside the parameters.  Thus, I probably looked like a crazed older lady sweating and trying to get her knees to unlock when leaving the store.  In fact I was prepared to answer if asked anything while exiting that I was merely practicing for my costume for Halloween, Frankensweat.  In the parking lot there were a few arguments going on with the police hired to control egress and access to the lot.  I left quickly to begin the trip back to Rancho De Five where my darling hubs had BBQ ready for lunch.

So now it is Tuesday morning, the real morning not the store, and I made a foray into land of entitlement part 2 yesterday.  Sunday afternoon the confirmation for the bed frame I ordered to go with the head and foot board hit the inbox with the date of delivery for 10/30/14 at our home in NC.  No, no, no...This is supposed to be delivered with the bed!  A call to customer service ensued only to find out it was too soon to change the order and it would be 24 hours before being able to do anything about it.  Since I was meeting Cassi at Escalante's  in Town and Country, I decided to make a quick trip into the PB there after lunch to ask for the best way possible to resolve the delivery.  Having dealt with PB before when it comes to purchases made at other PB stores, I was there only for an opinion.  Which I made clear when I first began the conversation with the associate that drew the short straw to help me.  She asked several demeaning questions to which I was soooooo tempted to combat with a witty, yet cutting retort but a soft answer turns away wrath.  If I responded in kind, it only makes the conversation escalate into higher pitches which makes us bitches.  With the kindly help I immediately went out to Sequisha and canceled the bed frame order and I will re-order closer to the bed's delivery date.  Then I pulled up my big girl panties and went into Williams Sonoma, another refuge for the entitled cook.  No need to go into details but I was clearly happy to leave that land after making purchases.

Today, is a stay at home day for sure!  I've got to get back into my parameters, keep my heart in rhythm and rest my weary knees.  Just a week or so ago, I had decided as much as it depended on choices, that going back to the cult of Pottery Barn would not be an option but alas, they had just what we are looking for furnishing wise and there is a desk that has my attention for the living room...so much for that vow but even though I was at Williams Sonoma yesterday, it was to buy a gift and get holiday scented lotion and soap.  I will not fall into the trap of, I just know when we move to Cinco Ranch or now Asheville, I will want to cook so much more.  Because I just gave away purchases from that time of false thinking.  

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