Thursday, October 30, 2014

And We're Off...Later

Good Thursday Morning!  I really should be finishing up getting ready for a quick trip to God's Country, but since I opted out of Bible study this morning...officially, like CBS, not totally all Bible study, I have a little more time.  This trip I have been doing everything differently.  I have taken care of all the little things that need to be done and packing clothes as the last.  It isn't even over indecision but more for Buddy's sake.  She knows something is up and she chooses night time, sleep time, to announce her displeasure.  It is heart breaking...  Thus, holding off as long as possible to pack.

My faux LSU family is coming off Sequisha today.  I don't think it would be a good idea to drive through Mississippi with that much LSU stuff on the back of the car.  Of course Mississippi State fans would just have good memories of their game against the Tigers.  Besides one member of my fake family is trying to come off, no loyalty, what can I tell you?

Random thing...the Starbucks Keruig Cinnamon Dulce coffee is really, really...yes, really good. Target has it on sale this week.

Looky here...It is supposed to snow this weekend in the Asheville area.  Mainly on Friday night and Saturday morning.  I think we will miss most of it and Ray's weather says it will be a light dusting in Asheville.  So, we are making some adjustments to our plans and route.  

I will try to blog while traveling but sometimes good times override posting.  We will go by the house we bought but not go in, unless I find something there and it needs to stay.  Kate is wrapping things up there and I don't want to be a bother.  

Dena and I are planning on meeting Hailey in B'ham for lunch and then we will meet Erin for dinner in Chattanooga.  Saturday will be a fun day for sure.  Of course I always dread driving through Baton Rouge and the traffic that comes to a stand still before the Mississippi River Bridge.  

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