Monday, October 13, 2014

Rainy Days and Mondays...I'm Fine With Both

Because I know everyone wants to catch up with Whinetta, she is still hanging around and going through all her abilities to sound differently at will.  In the dead of early morning I awoke thinking someone must have a soccer game on because the long strain of gooooooaaaaalllllll was in earshot.  Neighbors watching soccer reruns perhaps?  No, Whinetta showing off because she had already had gone through her rep of sounding like an owl and like Debbie Downer...wha wha wha....  Yesterday I thought it was clearly just a throat thing but it is looking more like a combo throat/nose kind of partnership.   Whinetta is looking like she will be gone soon since she just shows up at night now, but it will be oh so wonderful when she is gone and this cold is gone and things get back to normal or as normal as things get around here.

This a total ease into the day kind of morning.  Intermittent sun with overcast skies announcing and then unannouncing rain or maybe not rain.  No matter, it is a great kind of day for one with a limited attention span.  After all the closet cleaning, yesterday was more a day of rest except for changing out the purses from summer to fall/winter.  During this process I was paid rather well finding $80.00 in a purse, $6.00 tucked away in the summer purse and this morning $6.00 in a pair of warm up pants that went through the laundry but didn't fall out of the pocket.  This has been a very profitable endeavor.  Since our garbage cans are pretty much full, I'm waiting to start my newest clean out project tomorrow with a fresh slate of garbage can room.  Sunday truly turned to be a day of rest, which both of us needed.  I started a new book since the last one was going too formumatic and it has my full attention, "a land more kind than home."  A surprise in the book is the setting, it takes place in Marshall, NC and the surrounding area.  It is easy to imagine the settings and recall some of the landmarks referred to in the story.

I did venture out last evening to grab a quick dinner with Dena.  We chose to eat Mexican food at Tony's, the cousin owned one that is open on Sundays.  It was delicious!  It is always great to catch up with each other, to celebrate the victories, no matter how small or big,  share the happenings of life and to laugh a lot.

The rain has begun with some lightning and thunder.  I decided I better go get cleaned up to thwart a storm heading over us.  It is a truth that only people dressed weirdly and with messy hair get interviewed in the aftermath of a storm or any kind of incident on TV.  Now, I have a 50% chance because although I cleaned up, I still have Bozo the Clown hair rocking the casbaugh.

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