Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sliding, Signing, Surprising and Stuff

Roy so thoughtfully took Sequisha to Hula Car Wash this past Sunday.  They always do such a great job and this time, the workers really paid attention to the seats.  How do I know?  Well, the cheese peanut butter cracker crumbs are gone and I'm slip sliding away...It is like a leather seat slip and slide.  Today, I had to make a sudden stop and it felt like I might just slide right into the steering wheel and graceful dismounts out of the car?  Nope, haven't had any of those since Sunday.  Maybe I should sew some sandpaper onto my pants but who am I kidding?  I don't sew and there isn't enough safety pins around here to do the job.

This spiritual cold I have, since I got it at the women's retreat, needs to run it's course quickly.  It is now past sore throat and into cough and runny nose.  Is it bad to take expired cold medicine?  Well if it is wrong, I don't want to be right.  I just want to be better.  And where are the tissue boxes?   Maybe Roy can shed some light on their location when he gets home.  We agree on a lot but placement of goods is not one of our better agreeing points.

Today was an adventure day.  This whole house thing takes many dips and turns in the course of getting to closing.   The original lender decided the false tax return was the truth and stopped the process.  The past few days we have been signing and resigning and initialing here, here and here till we both have writers cramp.  Today, Roy was the first in line for the IRS office and we prayed and our friends prayed that he would have God's favor, Psalm 5:12 when talking to the agent.  I even went so far as to ask God to give Roy an amiable agent and God answered that prayer.  We were able to file our return and have the IRS validate and stamp every piece of paper that the bank might be interested in, most especially the ID Theft form.  But, in the review of the loan papers we signed last night, several pages hadn't printed correctly, so we hadn't really signed everything.  So I reprinted and resigned them and drove downtown to give them to Roy.  He knew they all were to be signature pages, so as I drove around and he talked to Kent, we were finally able to get back to his office building where he went in and reprinted the forms.  I hung out in the commercial parking lane, with the emergency flashers on...because you know those flashing lights tell the story of I'm not really parking here, I am just passing through.  Once again, if I only owned an orange cone, I would have it made.  Everyone obeys the orange cone.  Roy called and I circled around and met him in another commercial parking  zone where I signed and he reviewed pages.  He was satisfied that we had it right this time, so I was free to go meet friends and he was free to go back to the office.  I think in the long run, I got the better end of the deal.

All this hustle and bustle made me late for the surprise luncheon Paige had planned for Jason to help celebrate his birthday month.  This was a special invite, only his former associates and admins came.  I believe I still hold the record for working the longest for him and only quit because of my heart issues.  I was able to get there for the last part and I brought him some Three Brother's Bakery cookies for his road trip to Dallas this afternoon to be there for his father's heart procedure tomorrow.

Roy just called and our closing date has moved from the 15th till????  We don't know yet, but it takes five business days for the loan application to be reviewed.  Monday is a holiday, so it will be six business days.  Hopefully this will work with the seller's schedule and it gives her a little more time, which she had wanted.   She and I have been having a delightful email conversation these past few weeks.  Peggy W told me on FB the camels that live just a few pastures over area Asian camels...yehaw or ah so....I think they are beautiful.  Kate also sent pictures of the bison that live on a farm in the area and there are some blond bison.  How cool is that?

The stuff that needs to be done before Chris comes tomorrow is calling out to me and I am not responding yet.  Maybe Roy will help me with a few things....

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