Friday, October 3, 2014

A Process-Righting a Heart and a House

Friday's beautiful.  From all reports the weather is going to be fall-bulous this weekend.  Thus I will be scooting out early of the Women's Retreat this weekend....  I hadn't planned on going and had turned down several roommate invites, but I was persuaded to attend while relaxing on my sabbatical.  I will be a glass half full kind of woman and think about the things I like about retreats because there are a few like seeing friends and I do like hearing the speaker for this weekend.  But retreats are mini versions of going to the Holy are up early, stay up late and have a million things crammed into the rest of the time and it isn't till you get home and think on these things that you truly appreciate what and where you have been.  It would be fun to play a drinking game at this weekend's retreat...having to drink a shot of something, Diet Coke, water or coffee every time the word sweet is used. is the least descriptive go to word in women's ministry or used by women in general.

Happily I am able to write that my heart has seemed to go back into rhythm.  Around 5:30 yesterday morning I stopped feeling the jumping and vibrating in my chest.  Throughout the day I could tell it was not all the way back and it wouldn't take much for it to jump out again, so I took it easy.  Because I feel like I have run a marathon, without the benefit of burning calories,  I stayed home from Bible study and I really don't like having to miss CBS.  But I texted my core group leader and Peggy to let them know...and I went back to bed.  In the afternoon I worked in my closet again but no heavy lifting.  This morning Roy has ten bags of clothes for KCM that he will drop off today for me.

While trying to maintain yesterday, the world of buying a house was a roller coaster world.  Back in May we found that someone had tried to file on our tax return for the refund.  Ha ha....the joke is on them because we owed money.  Now if they are willing to pay that for us, well...isn't that sweet.  Gulp a shot of hot coffee....  At the time Roy called the IRS and they told him what to include when he filed the return.   This $56,000 kept showing up as income to our lender as they pulled financial records and now we know what it is; it is the amount that the fraudulent filer used as income hoping for our return to be deposited in their account.  So on one of the most stress-filled days for Roy at the office and in my quest to keep everything in beat, we calmly approached and discussed everything with each other and the parties involved in the process.   I think we have answered and provided proof for everyone involved but Roy has all the records with him and is prepared to go to the IRS this afternoon to get the situation resolved for progress to continue.  I can say in all honesty this morning I have never been so glad to have to pay taxes in all my life.  In doing research yesterday I found out this is the wave of the future in theft.  One official said this is why the statistics for street crime goes down, because filing on tax returns is easier and can be done from home.  For every ten fraudulent returns filed, they are hoping for one to bingo for them.  Most of the SS numbers filed for returns are taken by tax preparers or stolen from patients in nursing homes and from people in prison.    

With this feeling of fall in the air, I cannot help but think this time next year I will be in fall heaven.  Kate, the seller, described the maple trees in the view from the house in an email this week.  

Now I need to go look at what I'm wearing this evening.  Casual for sure, something I can easily take off and not have to embarrass myself with my flabby arms or keep on because hotel ballrooms are either hot or cold.   Half empty/half full/isn't that sweet/why did I say I would go?  Oh yes, to have fun with friends and to hear God's Word.  All the rest is just fodder for a blog post in the future....I mean a topic for the future.

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