Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Sound of Repairs and Music

Roy has been on vacation from the office, but it doesn't seem like he let himself be on vacation on getting some things done around here. For this I am glad. Yesterday was repair day here at home. The electrician was first to arrive to fix an electrical outlet that our former maid had destroyed. Something about a falling picture and a plug. The plumber came soon afterwards and fixed some leaky faucets. In the afternoon the heater guys came out to repair the heater. We found out on one of those very cold days, it was not working. It was the thermostat that needed fixing, so we have a new digital one. Today, we are waiting for Comcast. Roy went and picked up the boxes from them for the TV but the box in the bedroom is making everyone and everything blue. They think we have a bad box and they are coming between 11-2 today. I didn't realize that Roy had signed up for Internet from them. Our Sprint card never worked that well here. Actually, Sprint doesn't work here very well at all but heh...we have a contract except on our wireless and it is up. It is like we have finally come into the 21 century. Everything is so fast. Now I will work on some photo books that I stopped messing with mainly because it took so much time. Saturday is the rescheduled furniture pick up. I think we will work next weekend on moving some furniture around.

While all this was happening yesterday I was out and about. Being home when service repair guys are here drives me batty. Thus, Roy is driven battier. Anyway, I started out at Buffalo Grille for breakfast. Delicious. I remembered I had a friend getting highlights across the street so I brought her a cup of Toasted Cinnamon coffee to make her morning a delicious one too. Then I was off to Barnes and Noble, Lifetime Fitness and a peek into Anthropologie to scope out the items that had recently gone on sale. I have fallen for their winter pine soap and got another bar to see me through till Valentines. Came home to recharge and left soon after the heater guys got here. My two afternoon errands did not keep me away long enough so I just plopped down on the couch until they left.

Last night Peggy and I went to see Caroline Taylor in Sound of Music. We had a wild adventure of driving to the Hobby Center. The blind leading the blind....but after a few illegal turns and a lot of honking, we ended up in valet parking and we were happy to be there. We saw several friends from church at the performance. Caroline had a lot of supporters there. Now Sound of Music, the movie, is not one of my all time favorites but it was different seeing the stage play and actually knowing someone in the cast. A couple of times I leaned over to Peggy and said, "was that in the movie?" The ladies in front of us swayed to every song. We were behind them doing the opposite sway in order to see. I was pleased with the leg room. We joined up with the Taylors, the other Taylors (Lisa and Morgan) and a couple of the O'Neals, Hailey and Allen at the Stage Door to greet Caroline when she exited. That was fun. Soon we all headed back to valet parking and got our respective cars. No adventure like incidents were reported on our way back to drop me off. I don't know about Peggy's solo drive home.

Trying to go to sleep last night was tough...all those songs were going through my head. Makes it tough when you only know a few words from each song. Sleep finally came. While drifting off to sleep I waved to Buddy and Roy....the sun has gone to bed and so must I...gooodnight...good night....Roy and Buddy did not do the wave back to me and respond with a long gooood nigggghhhhhhhhtttttttt...... I'm not bitter.

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Grami's girls said...

Thanks for the commnet. When our church was remodeled many years ago they sold some pews. We bought one and redid it, well half of it. We hope to redo the other half so both our sons will have one one day! Hope you and your husband have a very Blessed Christmas!