Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ain't Nobody Sassin' Around

The skies over Rancho de Five are clouding up a bit.  I just gave Roy the storm warning for Houston to make sure he gets out of downtown before it hits.  Last night I did the feed the flowers thing and any rain would do them good.  Next spring I think zinnias is the way to go.  They are easy and really rather pretty.  The marigolds aren't doing as well as I thought they would but the snap dragons are still blooming profusely.  Who knew?

On Saturday the Women's Ministry at HFBC had Debbie Stewart come and speak.  She spoke at our Christmas dinner and was awesome!  Her topic on Saturday didn't really pertain to me, so I thought, but her words and wisdom have already given guidance and confirmation this weekend and beyond.  The study of Ezra in Life Bible Study, formerly known as Sunday School, is rocking my world as well.  Our pastor's sermon on marriage was good, but I really question if he should have used the term 'sass' in connotation with wives speaking disrespectfully to their husbands.  Sass to me is a word you use with a child, "don't sass your mother!"  It doesn't seem to be the correct word to use for grown ups, especially grown up women. Roy slept in Sunday morning.  He needed the rest after getting in at 1:00 am Thursday morning and leaving five hours later for the office.  He listened to the sermon on the web and we have had lots of fun, as per usual, this week doing our everyday stuff.  Lot of throwing around in fun, 'don't sass me woman' and I don't mean to be sassing you but...."  But if I had a dollar for every time the word amazing was used Sunday morning and five dollars every time the phrase amazing, amazing was used, we could have gone out to lunch at Taste of Texas. 

Tomorrow 125 people from the choir and orchestra leave for the Philippine's.  Earlier, I looked at the handbook and prayer guide.  I want to be praying for and with them for the Lord to a great thing in the hearts of the people they have gone to minister to as well as a refreshing in the choir and orchestra's spirit.  Wish I could have gone but when I talked to my Cardiologist about it, he laughed and it wasn't that joyful happy to tell you good news laugh.  I've been playing the new CD in the car since Sunday.  Love it!  I'm singing along and when I have to stop for an errand, I make sure the music is at a rest or transition in order to join in with them again when I return to the car. 

Very happily this morning online I declined jury duty in Harris County.  It was such a good feeling to give the reason of no longer being a resident in Harris County.  I got the notice a couple of weeks ago and was surprised because I had declined in August because we had moved thus no longer able to serve there.  Both times were Monday morning calls and you usually get picked at the least for a panel on Mondays.  Actually, every time I have gone I've been selected to be on the panel but never picked for the actual jury. 

Today was our second gathering of Bible study.  Very interesting and lively discussion.  I am ashamed to admit that I only knew some of the names of the people who had influence on Christianity in the second and third centuries is from watching The Simpsons.   It was good to see several from our core group there today.  Karen and I share the love of Fit Flops and I was able to help guide her to find some on sale at The Nord Rack in Sugarland.  I was in the land of sugar for a haircut yesterday. 

Roy just emailed and said that they are getting rain now but they are nearing the park and ride.  Hopefully he will get home before the rain and hopefully, we will get some rain.

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Paige B said...

I agree about sass! I thought it was a good thing I was so sassy! Haha.
Wish we were both going across the world. Guess we will have to hold the fort down.