Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Planning and Chore Day

I'm home after having a lovely breakfast at Black Walnut Cafe.  The warranty man from David Weekley came this morning to do the 10 month check up.  We have about four non serious issues that will be taken care of next week.  Then Roy took my car to the Toyota dealership to get the oil changed and the 30,000 mile check up.  So it's just me and Buddy hanging around the house.  While hanging around with a relatively clear schedule, I booked our next trip to the Inn on the Biltmore Estate.  While we are thrilled to go, Buddy won't be so excited as we are.  Buddy will be going to "camp" again, not her favorite thing. 

A whole day has come and gone and now it is night.  While Roy was taking care of Sequisha, I finished up the casita bedroom organization.  Tomorrow after we go to that Implosion thing at church, we are going to tackle a project I saw on Pinterest.  Duck tape as a cushion covering on the rocking chair I painted a couple of months ago.  Time is one of the reasons I am not a good crafty, DIY person.  If something can't be done quickly I lose interest and it can be quite some time until I am ready to tackle the project again.  We also have a really neat blue and white I Love Lucy sign to hang over the closet in the casita bedroom.  Found it at K T Antiques. 

When Roy got home we headed out to the Kroger on 99 heading toward the land of sugar.  It is huge!  It will be nice when the Kroger gets built that will be a little closer to us.  We decided to pick up something for dinner while we were there.  Again, another home cooked meal.  Last night we went to Alica's.  It just opened and they haven't worked out all the kinks.  So it took a while to get waited on, a while for the food to arrive but when they brought the food, we went ahead and asked for the check.  We liked what we ordered and the salsa was pretty good.  We will go back for sure, but maybe in another week or so. 

After Roy's walk this evening he helped me finish up watering all the flowers on the courtyard.  He has settled in with popcorn to watch TV.  A book is calling my name and I need to read my Bible study book too. 

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