Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Morning Catch Up

Easing into Friday but will leave soon for a much needed pedicure.  We experienced a little bit of thunder and lightning last night and a brief, intense 15 minute rain in the afternoon.  That took care of one of my to dos for yesterday, water plants. 

Roy got home late Wednesday, rather early Thursday morning.  I don't believe he will ever fly AirTran again.  They changed flight times both going and coming home.  What should have been a 45 minute layover in Atalanta turned into almost a 6 hour layover because they changed the time.  Roy hit the door at home around 1:00 am.  I stayed awake to tell him how glad I was he was home and after than I woke up when he kissed me goodbye on his way into the office.  His best friend yesterday was Awake tea and he was hitting double shots of it.  He had hoped to leave a little early yesterday afternoon but it wasn't to be.  Sounds like he had a wonderful conference, better than usual and next year they are considering an earlier date in May. 

On Tuesday night they had a dinner thing and a group of them walked back to the Mayflower Hotel afterwards.  They all stopped and had their pictures taken in front of the White House. 

I can't wait to see all the pictures he took, although downloading pictures is probably the last thing on his list right now.  He hasn't even unpacked.  Roy did have an eventful dental horror of having a crown come off. 

On Wednesday evening Peggy and I did a M&G thing for a Small Methodist Churches dinner.  The Galveston Island Convention Center was teaming with Methodists from all over the state of Texas.  We did fine and knew our lines well, always a wonderful surprise for us, but the conditions were not the best.  The microphones weren't working and dinner was being served while we did our thing.  Really, when eating dinner, you don't want a speaker or singer or performance going'd rather talk with your friends.  Anyway, we had a good time and personally now I feel like summer has begun.  With learning or rather relearning the script hanging over me, I felt guilty if I wasn't thinking about or going over lines when I wasn't busy.  My favorite part of doing M&G, the moment it is over.  While we were wandering the halls in our costumes, I got to have a quick visit with a friend from long ago...we met in jr high and kept up with each other through college.  He is a Methodist pastor and now lives in East Texas  so that he and his wife are closer to their children in Dallas and Waco, but probably they love the fact they are closer to their grandchildren.  We had a fun quick visit, he had another meeting to attend and well, we had to share how to do penurious ministry with the small Methodist churches. 

Looking forward to the weekend.  Our neighborhood get together is tomorrow evening at the park in our neighborhood.  We are to bring a dish.  Of course I ordered cookies from Memorial Bakery.

On a totally different wave length, I love the book we are studying this summer at a neighborhood Bible study about Christian history.  Well, now I know where the Apostle's Creed came from and a few other lovely tidbits. 

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marty h said...

You need to keep us illiterate up on church history. Where did the Apostle's creed come from? You know we Baptists know very little about church history other than we were the first church started by John the Baptist!