Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

It will be another warm day out here on the prairie. The feels like temp yesterday was 110. I didn't venture out until early evening and that was to go to choir. The new choir year begins in August and with the regular break we get, July 4th being on a Wednesday, Houston Project and Summer Week of Choir (for kids), last night was the last rehearsal. It was so exciting having everyone back together, those who went on the mission trip and those who stayed home and prayed. There was such a fun buzz. John had picked several people to talk about each day and that gave those of us who remained here, such insight into the work, the hard tasks and the fun. Over 400 made first time decisions to accept Christ. Awesome! Last night's rehearsal is also bittersweet because our friends from France are going back after being here for four years. Many tears were shed because we hold them and love them so dearly. I love getting a hug from Ria. You know you have been hugged and are loved. No fancy smancy kiss on each cheek, although you sometime get that in addition to the hug. Roy is wondering if he will even enjoy Sunday School without Claude and Ria. We have a few more weeks to enjoy their friendship in person and I think without a doubt all of us are thankful for Facebook. Wonder if Air France will notice increased bookings from Houston?

In the midst of the Supreme Court ruling and all the pundits giving their opinions, in the chaos of retweeted comments and links to articles, the news that Don Grady died has been swept to the newsroom floor. OK, I am not being serious cause I know the ruling is huge and will totally impact us for a long time, but Don Grady played the oldest son on My Three Sons. Actually, when the series first began he was the middle son but the guy playing the oldest son left the show. Are you confused not on Obamacare because we are all confused about that or at least I am because I am so not interested in politics.  Don't comment please on the politics.  This post is written in fun.  Guess I could have used the Ann Curry news instead.  While many remember him as Robbie, his life's passion was music. He wrote many familiar theme songs for shows and singers.

Don Grady found great success as an actor on the TV show My Three Sons. He played Robbie Douglas (second from right). © ABC.
On another totally unrelated subject I found a theme verse for eating at Cracker Barrel. On this last trip Dena and I decided we liked the veggie plate about the best. It's fast and although probably not prepared in the most health conscience way, it is better than chicken fried steak or any of the other fried offerings.
Proverbs 15:17
A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate.

That wraps it up for a Thursday. 


becky thurman said...

Great to catch up. Got home very late tues nite/Wed morning from vacation. Had to work but when I got home I found your CD. So excited....will be listening and sending you mail soon. Just wanted to let you know it got here. It is soooooo hot here too!!! I think 105 today and the next 3 days. No rain which we need very badly!!! Going to affect 4th of July celebrations in big way......we are in burn bans across the state.

marty h said...

I always loved My Three Sons too. Enjoy your posts and think you would do a good job with posting for Project Galleria! :)