Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Movies and Such

This weekend I did something I usually don't do, watch two movies. On Saturday, one of my all-time favorites, the afore mentioned The Bad Seed, was on TCM. For some reason I watched the movie looking for things I had not noticed before, especially in the dialogue. In fact Lisa P said she did the same thing. The Bad Seed is good for laughing at the "camp" acting and dialogue where in the actors are projecting to the last row in the balcony. At the end of the movie as Rhoda goes to find the penmanship medal, in the middle of the night, in a thunderstorm, of an abandoned pier, (sounds safe doesn't it and yet she has on a yellow slicker, rain hat and boots), the music is at a crescendo. It's the song that Rhoda practices on the piano and is heard anytime Rhoda is about to do something evil. There in that mishmash of music, you can hear the music scale being played, you know do, re, me.... Interesting that in this chaos of notes, the standard on which all music is written is prominently heard.

On Sunday night I watched Mona Lisa Smile. Love that movie and when I taught Sunday School I liked to use snippets from the movie to illustrate and give a better view of points in the lesson. Again, here is a movie that on the surface is entertaining and has great stories within the main plot. MLS is the kind of movie that can give you movie emotions afterwards. I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking through the meaning of one of the subplots of the movie.

We have had some warranty work being done on the house. Thankfully, nothing major but a few things here and there. The guy that oversees the process has come to the house twice this week and has left, probably shuddering in response to my appearance. The first morning, I answered the door with no makeup and wet hair. Lovely... The other morning when he dropped by to bring us some door stoppers, my hair was in full blown, standing up on my head, glory. Quite a contrast. Hope he doesn't come for any reason today, I am easing into the day. This just in, the Home Team Pest Control guys just came to the door. I'm surprised they didn't spray or throw granules at me trying to kill the big bug looking thing that stepped outside the door. They are here to do the ant treatment and I hoped against hope that they didn't think I was the queen of the ant hill.

Sunday was an absolute blast. Church good, Life Bible Study even better, lunch with Dena at Molina's, a visit to the Amish Craftsman and an interest meeting for a trip to Israel and Rome. I came home much later than I had anticipated. This morning I am going to work on the paperwork for the trip and get my reservation confirmed. I went to Israel and Rome for that matter in 1988. Surely neither place has changed in that amount of time she said sarcastically.

Can't wait to go to choir tonight and hear the stories and adventures from the Phillipines mission trip. On Monday I went over to see Peggy and heard some hilarious stories.

It is going to be another very hot day. At least the wind chimes are making music which means there is a breeze. There wasn't one yesterday. Driving home on the freeway even the air looked hot.

Philippians 4 is still rocking my world. Love how very familiar passages come alive even after reading it so many times. Alive and breathing, so thankful for God's Word.

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