Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finished Chair, Fresh Produce and The Bad Seed All Makes for a Good Day

My finished chair.  Well, almost.  I haven't done the back cushion.  It was getting late and the toad population was having a get together on our courtyard.  I wanted to be able to get back into the house without letting a bunch of toads in.  Not too bad for some spray paint and duct tape. 

This week was senior adult encounter week, well it seemed like it.  Also, note to self, get off the senior adult phone tree from church.  We are not at the place in life where we want to go on bus trips to local places.  If we did the next thing you know, I'd be wearing white pants and SAS shoes.  This week it seems I have come upon some of the most ornery looking senior adults.  No smile, no nothing.  That is until this morning.  There is a new couple selling tomatoes at the farmer's market.  Have a cute printed up sign letting you know they grew these tomatoes in their backyard, no pesticides.  They were having a ball selling tomatoes.  So there is the key to growing older, make sure you are enjoying life by doing things that bring joy into life.  Well, maybe running people over in parking lots in your Grand Marquis brings joy to some older folks.  Just saying...

This afternoon one of my all time favorite movies is on TCM, The Bad Seed.  I have already messaged Lisa P and Dena.  We've texted back and forth some of our very favorite lines.  I love this movie because of how it was filmed, just like the stage play.  So it is very dramatic and over the top in the acting department.  Actually, the book and the movie have different endings.  The book places the story in Mobile, AL.  I first saw this movie when I was a freshman in college.  One of my hall mates boyfriend gave her a huge TV for Christmas, so we piled into her room to watch The Bad Seed.  Good times.  Peggy doesn't understand how I could pick this movie over The Sound of Music...  Of course my all time fave is To Kill a Mockingbird.

Speaking of To Kill a Mockingbird, I think one of the doves met the Lord this week.  No body but feathers everywhere in the side yard. 

Off to snap some green beans.  We've done our produce run this morning.  Buddy is pouting on the couch, she got a mani/pedi this morning.  She is not a fan.

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