Saturday, June 2, 2012

To Market To Market to Buy Fresh Produce

It has been a very happy and fun day out here in the Rancho de Five.  It started with an early morning breakfast at Otto's.  Some Saturdays Otto's has plenty of staff and then there are the days where they don't.  Today was one of those don't days.  I found myself kind of wanting to get impatient but just this morning in Jesus Lives, the devotion spoke on not getting ahead of ourselves and staying in the moment to see the presence of the Lord.  As John Bolin says, Praise the Lord!  What an opportunity!  Really and truly I didn't have a schedule this morning and my borderline impatience was coming from the fear that the farmer's market right there in the center of La Centerra might run out of tomatoes or eggs or anything I might want to purchase in the way of fresh produce.  So, instead of getting upset, I remained peaceful, with only the kind of peace that comes from the Lord.  No, I didn't have any great revelation or anything like that, there weren't any fish frying on a charcoal fire but it was a much better way to behave and believe. 

So, guess what?  After eating breakfast, there was plenty of produce.  Got tomatoes, lemon cucumbers (never had any before and they are delicious), carrots, peaches and yard eggs.  Brought the produce home and decided to venture over to old Katy and see what's up at Bill's antique mall.  I did not leave disappointed.  Since there are a million graduations this weekend, my route was not past the Merrill Center but back up Pin Oak and since I was that way, decided to stop in at Peg's.  There was a sign showing farm produce on the left at the four way stop by McDonald's and I made the mental note to stop by when leaving Peg's.  Wow, what a great stop at the produce stand.  They had purple hull peas, lady cream peas, butter beans, mixed variety of lima beans, peaches, tomatoes, plums, onions, red potatoes and a host of other goodies.  The girl said her in laws have a farm in Alto, Texas.  Either that means no sopranos allowed in town or more possibly it was named for the word stop in Spanish.  Alto, Lupe, Alto!  The produce stand will be open on weekends as long as there is produce to sell.  You should have seen all the emergency lights flashing with all the cars that were stopping to pick up produce.  I had a tomato and lemon cucumber sandwich for lunch and it was delicious!

I need to post a picture of the flower garden.  The snap dragons are still full steam blooming!  The wall flower plants have made a miraculous recovery and the zinnias are taking over.  Last night Roy pulled a bunch of weeds for me since it is difficult for me to maneuver in the flower bed and I planted a few more flowers around the back tree.  Some of the marigolds didn't make it and I didn't think that marigolds could really be killed.  Apparently they can be. 

Well an afternoon nap beckons and I've started several good books.  What a lovely day!  What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. 

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marty h said...

I think Alto got its name from me coming through town once and the resident hispanic said, "Hey Alto, ALTO!!!" I think my thick ankles gave me away :)