Friday, June 22, 2012

Looks LIke it's Gonna Be a Hot Summer

The second day of official summer.  The temps are rising and patience is ebbing.  Not my patience, but I could feel the level of frustration rising in Target this afternoon.  The scales tipped toward moms with children in the store.  They outnumbered the rest of us 3-1.  Although the conversations of moms with their kids almost all sounded alike.  "You already have that!"  "You don't need that, put it back!"  "Why are you so rambuncious?" " I am going to count to three!"  "Don't run off!  We aren't going to be here that long!"  "I have already spent too much money already this month.  So no you can't have that!"  Those conversations resonated on just about every aisle.  I sought sanctuary on the vitamin aisle.  Surely these kids have enough energy, but I then I remembered their weary, worn out moms.  One mom stood there with her energy driven three year old boy and asked him, why are you so rambuncious and tear into everything?  He ran away from her and she turned her cart toward the checkout and gave her last bit of direction to him by saying you better come on.  He stood there and watched his mom move away from him and just about the time I am almost even with him he yells, HELP!  I am sure I  got that panicked look and looked at his mom like, I didn't even look at him.  She gave me a reassuring look and said, he yells help and then pronouces at the top of his lungs that his mom is leaving him.  On cue, he exclaimed those very words.

The whole reason I went to Target was to pick up some more duct tape.  Bright blue to be exact.  I am in the midst of a DIY project.  Several months ago I painted a brown rocker white and since I don't know how to sew and since we don't have a staple gun, I decided to try my hand at decorating with duct tape.  Think I had seen on Pinterest how someone covered some cushions on outside chairs.  Since this is a penurious project and it is a chair in the casita bedroom, I thought why not?  Well, it is going ok but I think that to be someone who likes to do DIY projects or likes to be crafty and creative this way also likes to measure things and have a little bit of a perfectionist streak in their DNA.  I have neither of those real measuring and I am no where near being a perfectionist.  So it doesn't look bad....from a distance.  I will tackle the back cushion later this evening and post a picture later.

I am just this week putting up things I brought home from the Biltmore.  No, not unpacking but actually getting stuff out of bags etc...  Sometimes things go to the black hole of our closet and after a while I finally clear things out. 

So now it is actually Friday.  Roy took a vacation day to be here for all the workmen etc...that would be here to work on warranty things.  I got the heck out of Dodge and headed into Houston.  I had taken a pair of frames from a couple of years ago that I liked and had new lenses put in them.  It was a happening place this morning and there was a bit of a wait, but not too long.  One lady who was ahead of me was trying to work the system.  Adjust my glasses, now what will you give me for free?  Apparently nothing but she did spend $3.00 on glass cleaning spray.  The lady came back through and saw me picking out a glasses case and getting spray for free.  She was not happy and made it known.  The woman who works there and who was helping me told her, she bought new lenses...there are free perks when you spend money.  I have a feeling nothing is really ever free at doctor offices unless you want to pilfer a magazine from 2008.  After getting my glasses I headed over to Le Peep for cinnamon pecan pancakes.  Then made the return trip out west and stopped to pick up something from our Nashville trip that we had framed.  I also had with me a print I had picked up at Bill's mall and having it framed and matted.  Then I came home.  All the workmen had been here and left or were just about to leave.  Roy and I made a late lunch run to Black Walnut Cafe and have been inside the a/c ever since.  He just left to walk around the lake.  I'm opting out of the walk...ok, I have opted out every time he walks the lake.  I didn't want y'all to think that tonight was the exception. 

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ADW said...

Ugh. It's not even a month into my summer vacation from school, and I've already had my fill of wild...I mean "rambunctious" children and their parents. I've run into them everywhere--Target, the grocery store, restaurants, even doctor's office. I don't know who's worse: parents or children! I've started avoiding public places during daylight hours as much as possible, lol!