Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Check In

Let the record show that we have eaten dinner at home, fifth day in a row.  I actually like summer veggies so that helps.  Last night though, Roy made most of dinner because I had done too much and gotten too hot so I was useless for the afternoon and evening.  OK, useless more than normal. 

It is fun seeing the pictures from Facebook of friends getting ready for the choir and orchestra mission trip to the Philippines.  Sometimes I accidentally spell Philippians so please be patient with me until I notice the mistake and correct it.  They are at the airport and the seating area looks like a sea of green.  Just got a couple of texts that Drew and Peggy had a mishap in the airport and Peggy cut her arm.  Better to happen in the states I guess. 

So this morning I determined since I didn't have anything that I had to go do that this would be a day to stay home and get some stuff done around here.  Lucky Roy, he's coming home to a make up and haven't even touched my hair.  And he thinks that sometimes I don't listen to the sermons.  First thing, washed all the white rugs in the bathrooms.  Then I started cleaning out my desk.  It is a secretary type desk so it hides a multitude of paper sins.  You know someone has dropped by so you put all the mail and stuff behind the desk door.  Even cleaned out the drawers.  Nobody will appreciate the work, but I will.  The casita bedroom was next on the list.  Actually, it looks good but behind the closet door is an organizational mess.  All my artful journaling stuff wasn't sorted correctly and once again I realize I have an addiction for journals.  Last night before the faux storm I began the work but thinking of all the rain and lightning, I came on in the house.  Truthfully, I could have stayed out there a little longer because we only got a little bit of rain.  After dinner I will go back out there and finish up. 

My brother sent me this yesterday.  It is a picture of my mom's parents.  Think I was about 3 when my grandfather died but I do remember bringing him leaves while he sat on the front porch.  Loved my Grandma.  I used to spend a lot of time with her in the summers.  Oh my, we could do some serious laughing.  At the produce stand each week I have bought some plums and they are just the size and kind I remember that my grandmother grew.  She never learned to drive so she was dependent on her sons to take her to the grocery store.  That woman bought a ton of JELLO and hardly ever fixed it but her cabinet was stuffed with every flavor made.  She and I got hooked on these cheap breaded beef cutlets one summer and we'd smother them in Cook's Catsup.  Cook's was the brand that the coffee man sold.  Whose the coffee man, he was a door to door salesman that sold a little bit of everything.  He was really nice and came about every two weeks or so.  Thanks Doug for sending this to me.  I told Doug that in my mind when I think about my grandfather I picture Eisenhower.  Must be due to them both being bald. 

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