Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Thursday

Tuesday night we had fresh corn made in the skillet like my grandma used to make, small red potatoes and boiled shrimp.  We had leftovers last night which did not include any shrimp.  I'm kind of happy to write that last sentence because if there are leftovers that means I cooked.  Roy brought home some Chicky nuggets and we had the complete over carbed meal.  It was good.  Spaghetti is on the what's for dinner thing for Thursday night.  That means leftovers...

It has been a nature learning filled day.  A funnel cloud formed over the Rancho de Five and fortunately I only heard about it.  I did have my ears tuned to the wind because it was really blowing but I never heard the sound of a train.  Not even the Midnight Train to Georgia which I have mad Pip skills when it comes to that song.  On our way home in the middle of Mississippi when I needed something to wake me up, upbeat play list on iPod did the job.  Roy was impressed but wonders how I can remember the words to a song from a life long ago..whoo whoo whoo...dreams don't always come true unhuh, no unhuh; and I can't remember to pick up the cleaning.  Oh yes, back to nature.  Today I watched a baby bird grow up and learn to fly.  Mother mocking bird and baby bird were feasting on birdseed in our backyard.  The mother bird would pick up a good sized seed and feed it to the baby bird.  Kind of reminded me of, you have to eat all your dinner before you go out kind of mom thing.  After a few tasty morsels the mother bird flew to the lowest branch of the tree.  Baby B had a few futal starts but soon was making fitful progress up the trunk of the tree.  Each time it got closer to mom, mom would go up another branch.  First branch landing was a fail, but Baby B would flex its wings and start again.  Once it finally got to the lowest branch, mom flew over to the fence.  Baby B sat on that branch for the longest time and after a while, he moved up the branches bit by bit.  I missed winged flight but Baby B has left the yard.  Meanwhile preggo momma dove is hanging out quite a bit by the lantana.  She looks like she is going to deliver soon. 

Ann C I know you can identify with this; last night my heart was "got me working day and night" (also listened to some MJ in Mississippi) working very hard to go out of rhythm.  It woke me up out of deep sleep.  I could feel the flutter and sloshing between the beats.  This morning I did a reading and my pulse was highly elevated and the oxygen level in my blood was low.  So you have to decide, ok, is this going to work itself out or do I need to go to the ER?  It has been some time since I have had an episode this bad.  I kept moving and kept taking readings.  Finally, this afternoon the beat returned to normal but when my heart gets like this, I am exhausted.  Probably getting hot the past few days has not helped.  Stress level wise, nothing has changed with my loved one, although I found out he had the locks changed a second time.  He is living and acting pretty much in ways that are very characteristic of him.  I have no clue who he has told these delusional stories to and that includes my favorite great aunt.  My brother encouraged me to call her but I am afraid to.  What if she believes all these lies and stories? 

Ann C, another shout out, I ate a tomato sandwich today.  Peggy gave me two fresh homegrown, by someone other than Peggy, tomatoes.  It was a delicious lunch. 

Since I was trying to rest this afternoon I actually worked on M&G lines.  Roy went through them with me last night and I did ok.  He reads them so quickly I can hardly understand him.  Bless him, reading Gertrude lines is not anything he really ever wants to do but he is always willing to help.   In my mind I have to think through what Peggy normally says so I will be prepared and not have anything to throw me off. 

Buddy is still rather clingy but her whinny meows have diminished somewhat.  And she has let me spend time on the computer without her being in my lap or walking around the desk.  Since we have a touch screen computer, her tail wrecks havoc many a time.

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marty h said...

Praying for your heart to behave - I know those episodes can't be fun. Well on the positive side - your dad is helping stimulate the locksmith's economy. Obama will be pleased :).