Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rolo McFlurrys are Back! And to Watch a Mockingbird

Nature is rather intriguing and more specifically Mockingbirds are very interesting.  The past few weeks we've watched the young birds learn how to fly under mother bird's protective eye.  For a while it looked like one little fella wasn't ever going to leave the tree, but fear of flight or maybe crash and burn has lifted but what is interesting is, these almost teenage looking birds still want the mother to feed them.  Before the storm yesterday, they balanced on the fence while momma bird, who is looking rather thin, went over to the bird feeder, got seed and came back and fed them.  Did I mention that the kiddos look well fed, almost too well fed.  Today, the bird family three have been closer to the feeder and sometimes the kiddos actually feed themselves but when mom returns they start crying and opening their mouths to be fed.  Wonder how much longer the momma bird is going to put up with this "failure to launch?" 

We had a bunny in the backyard last night.  Roy said when he goes on his walks around the lake he has seen 23 or so bunnies at one time.  When I was watering the flowers a couple of days ago, there were some people going through the house behind us that is for sale.  Oh my, I hope they don't buy because they are loud talkers!  Really loud! 

I saw this on Twitter this morning: :Forgiveness & Trust aren't the same. Forgiveness is offered freely&;instantly. Broken trust is earned back over time.  That is a great tweet by Rick Warren.

Back from an exciting adventure in errand running.  Chris, housekeeper, is here so I always try to get out of her way.  So, off I went.  My second to last errand was stopping at HEB.  It must be sample Wednesday and one of the samples they were giving away was prepared, hot oatmeal.  Yuck!  I'm saying to myself don't make eye contact....don't make eye contact.  Didn't matter, she stepped from behind the display with a little plastic cup of oatmeal and invited me to try some.  I politely declined.  She asked, puzzled, do you not like oatmeal.  No, in fact I hate it.  Oh come on try some.  Once you taste how delicious this is, you'll love oatmeal.  Now what she didn't know is, I had just has a Rollo McFlurry.  Yes people, they are back, hallelujah!  I did not want to take a taste of oatmeal and then leave it and undigested Rollo McFlurry on the floor, which would prompt an announcement of clean up on aisle 4.  I almost had to go Sam I Am on her.  No, I would not, could not even buy a box.  I would rather eat a bowl of rocks.  I do not eat it with my spouse.  I barely let it in the house.  Oatmeal, it's something I don't ate and if I did I would regurgitate.  Then when I checked out I got in a line that looked to be moving quickly but it slowed to a crawl.  The woman's seven children showed up to "help" her check out.  She was parked a couple of spaces over from me...complete with a beat up mini van.  I really was in awe that so many children and so many bags of groceries were fitting into the van.  Wow, and she was so patient. 

I hate that I just let everyone know that the Rollo McFlurry is back right there in the midst of oatmeal talk.  Happy, happy, happy! 

Last stop, CVS to pick up a prescription.  I think everyone and their cousin was at the CVS.  Customers and lots of phone calls going on. 

Love keeping up with the choir and orchestra while they are in the Philippines.  The blog has been great and Facebook updates and pics are the greatest!  This has nothing to do with the choir, but isn't ironic that so many who have made a name recently in the Christian world of books and tours acquired a lot of their notoriety on social media, yet they are the ones who preach a message of limited access and abstinence from FB, email, Twitter and blogs to their followers and readers. 

Well, the mockingbird family is back.  I have some bird watching to do. 

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