Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slowly Catching Up

It is a slow moving Monday.  That's ok.  Stayed up late last night having fun at Peggy's and slept in this morning.  The only interruption to my sleep was a 6:30 phone call from Roy.  He wanted to say good morning before his first day at a compliance conference.  So while he is being compliant, I will be complacent.  Now that doesn't mean lazy or that I don't care, no it means not having a rush or hurried feel for the things that need to be done.  So after a produce filled weekend, Monday begins with fresh scrambled yard eggs, sliced homegrown tomatoes and toast with homemade jam. 

Roy says profound things and I need to start writing them down because my recitation of his quotes aren't nearly as good.  He was in Arlington Cemetery yesterday and said it was such a humbling place.  That those who had large monuments dedicated to them probably didn't deserve that recognition as the many who lie in the simple marked graves.  He was intrigued by Lincoln's second inaugural address, the short, simple and powerful words.  Then out of nowhere he says, if the prodigal son hadn't been so mistreated and made miserable by the pig farmer, he might have never come to his senses and returned home.  He then told me how much Washington DC reminds him of Paris and that he had found the greatest pizza place. 

As much I had wanted to sit down and write yesterday and I kept those two paragraphs up all day so that I could finish my post, it wasn't happening.  Sometimes there is so much rumbling around in my brain that needs to be put to paper or to blog so to speak that I find it difficult to sort through all the meandering thoughts and narrow them down to a workable number.  Couldn't do it yesterday and probably won't be able today.  But I did enjoy a laid back day with nothing really pressing, well except the continual repeating of M&G lines.  I made the purple hull peas I picked up on Saturday with jalapeno sausage and added sliced tomatoes to round out the dinner.  Maybe, finally, the laundry is getting caught up.  I thought about hanging a few pictures but decided to wait for Roy's help later.  PTL, I found my Mildred stuff.  I hadn't a clue where we had put it when we moved in.  Dress has been Febreezed and is hanging up airing out.  Since I had been rather social the past few evenings I did the water the flowers thing too, especially those around the trees.  For it being such a hot day, the evening cooled off rather nicely. 

This morning I went to Bible study.  We are reading the book Christian History Made Easy.  It's kind of like church history for dummies.  Lots of pictures and colors and facts that will help this ADDer pay attention.  The book is actually one used for junior high homeschooling.  This morning it was a get acquainted time and it was lots of fun.  Afterwards, I ran to Home Goods.  Sometimes I get this feeling, and I haven't a clue if it is a spiritual thing or not, to go to a certain store.  I have been looking for a retro/vintage drink cooler.  I had just about ruled out the real deal kind...more money than I wanted to pay for a used cooler and I had found some online this weekend that looked rather interesting.  But there in Home Goods, on a top shelf sat a small, metal, retro looking, drink cooler, pretty much what I had been looking for and score; it was cheaper than any of the others I had looked at. 

On the way home I looked at email while sitting at a rather long light.  Roy had emailed me asking for the phone number of his dentist.  A crown had come off one of his back teeth and he wanted to get an appointment to get it taken care of when he gets back downtown later this week.  Ah, those pesky crowns always come loose at inconvenient times. 

Guess, I should start cleaning the house for Chris.  She comes tomorrow so you know I have to do the predustination thing and put up stuff so that she doesn't, because when she puts papers and books up, there is a lot more searching involved. 

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