Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

It will be another warm day out here on the prairie. The feels like temp yesterday was 110. I didn't venture out until early evening and that was to go to choir. The new choir year begins in August and with the regular break we get, July 4th being on a Wednesday, Houston Project and Summer Week of Choir (for kids), last night was the last rehearsal. It was so exciting having everyone back together, those who went on the mission trip and those who stayed home and prayed. There was such a fun buzz. John had picked several people to talk about each day and that gave those of us who remained here, such insight into the work, the hard tasks and the fun. Over 400 made first time decisions to accept Christ. Awesome! Last night's rehearsal is also bittersweet because our friends from France are going back after being here for four years. Many tears were shed because we hold them and love them so dearly. I love getting a hug from Ria. You know you have been hugged and are loved. No fancy smancy kiss on each cheek, although you sometime get that in addition to the hug. Roy is wondering if he will even enjoy Sunday School without Claude and Ria. We have a few more weeks to enjoy their friendship in person and I think without a doubt all of us are thankful for Facebook. Wonder if Air France will notice increased bookings from Houston?

In the midst of the Supreme Court ruling and all the pundits giving their opinions, in the chaos of retweeted comments and links to articles, the news that Don Grady died has been swept to the newsroom floor. OK, I am not being serious cause I know the ruling is huge and will totally impact us for a long time, but Don Grady played the oldest son on My Three Sons. Actually, when the series first began he was the middle son but the guy playing the oldest son left the show. Are you confused not on Obamacare because we are all confused about that or at least I am because I am so not interested in politics.  Don't comment please on the politics.  This post is written in fun.  Guess I could have used the Ann Curry news instead.  While many remember him as Robbie, his life's passion was music. He wrote many familiar theme songs for shows and singers.

Don Grady found great success as an actor on the TV show My Three Sons. He played Robbie Douglas (second from right). © ABC.
On another totally unrelated subject I found a theme verse for eating at Cracker Barrel. On this last trip Dena and I decided we liked the veggie plate about the best. It's fast and although probably not prepared in the most health conscience way, it is better than chicken fried steak or any of the other fried offerings.
Proverbs 15:17
A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate.

That wraps it up for a Thursday. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Movies and Such

This weekend I did something I usually don't do, watch two movies. On Saturday, one of my all-time favorites, the afore mentioned The Bad Seed, was on TCM. For some reason I watched the movie looking for things I had not noticed before, especially in the dialogue. In fact Lisa P said she did the same thing. The Bad Seed is good for laughing at the "camp" acting and dialogue where in the actors are projecting to the last row in the balcony. At the end of the movie as Rhoda goes to find the penmanship medal, in the middle of the night, in a thunderstorm, of an abandoned pier, (sounds safe doesn't it and yet she has on a yellow slicker, rain hat and boots), the music is at a crescendo. It's the song that Rhoda practices on the piano and is heard anytime Rhoda is about to do something evil. There in that mishmash of music, you can hear the music scale being played, you know do, re, me.... Interesting that in this chaos of notes, the standard on which all music is written is prominently heard.

On Sunday night I watched Mona Lisa Smile. Love that movie and when I taught Sunday School I liked to use snippets from the movie to illustrate and give a better view of points in the lesson. Again, here is a movie that on the surface is entertaining and has great stories within the main plot. MLS is the kind of movie that can give you movie emotions afterwards. I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking through the meaning of one of the subplots of the movie.

We have had some warranty work being done on the house. Thankfully, nothing major but a few things here and there. The guy that oversees the process has come to the house twice this week and has left, probably shuddering in response to my appearance. The first morning, I answered the door with no makeup and wet hair. Lovely... The other morning when he dropped by to bring us some door stoppers, my hair was in full blown, standing up on my head, glory. Quite a contrast. Hope he doesn't come for any reason today, I am easing into the day. This just in, the Home Team Pest Control guys just came to the door. I'm surprised they didn't spray or throw granules at me trying to kill the big bug looking thing that stepped outside the door. They are here to do the ant treatment and I hoped against hope that they didn't think I was the queen of the ant hill.

Sunday was an absolute blast. Church good, Life Bible Study even better, lunch with Dena at Molina's, a visit to the Amish Craftsman and an interest meeting for a trip to Israel and Rome. I came home much later than I had anticipated. This morning I am going to work on the paperwork for the trip and get my reservation confirmed. I went to Israel and Rome for that matter in 1988. Surely neither place has changed in that amount of time she said sarcastically.

Can't wait to go to choir tonight and hear the stories and adventures from the Phillipines mission trip. On Monday I went over to see Peggy and heard some hilarious stories.

It is going to be another very hot day. At least the wind chimes are making music which means there is a breeze. There wasn't one yesterday. Driving home on the freeway even the air looked hot.

Philippians 4 is still rocking my world. Love how very familiar passages come alive even after reading it so many times. Alive and breathing, so thankful for God's Word.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finished Chair, Fresh Produce and The Bad Seed All Makes for a Good Day

My finished chair.  Well, almost.  I haven't done the back cushion.  It was getting late and the toad population was having a get together on our courtyard.  I wanted to be able to get back into the house without letting a bunch of toads in.  Not too bad for some spray paint and duct tape. 

This week was senior adult encounter week, well it seemed like it.  Also, note to self, get off the senior adult phone tree from church.  We are not at the place in life where we want to go on bus trips to local places.  If we did the next thing you know, I'd be wearing white pants and SAS shoes.  This week it seems I have come upon some of the most ornery looking senior adults.  No smile, no nothing.  That is until this morning.  There is a new couple selling tomatoes at the farmer's market.  Have a cute printed up sign letting you know they grew these tomatoes in their backyard, no pesticides.  They were having a ball selling tomatoes.  So there is the key to growing older, make sure you are enjoying life by doing things that bring joy into life.  Well, maybe running people over in parking lots in your Grand Marquis brings joy to some older folks.  Just saying...

This afternoon one of my all time favorite movies is on TCM, The Bad Seed.  I have already messaged Lisa P and Dena.  We've texted back and forth some of our very favorite lines.  I love this movie because of how it was filmed, just like the stage play.  So it is very dramatic and over the top in the acting department.  Actually, the book and the movie have different endings.  The book places the story in Mobile, AL.  I first saw this movie when I was a freshman in college.  One of my hall mates boyfriend gave her a huge TV for Christmas, so we piled into her room to watch The Bad Seed.  Good times.  Peggy doesn't understand how I could pick this movie over The Sound of Music...  Of course my all time fave is To Kill a Mockingbird.

Speaking of To Kill a Mockingbird, I think one of the doves met the Lord this week.  No body but feathers everywhere in the side yard. 

Off to snap some green beans.  We've done our produce run this morning.  Buddy is pouting on the couch, she got a mani/pedi this morning.  She is not a fan.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Looks LIke it's Gonna Be a Hot Summer

The second day of official summer.  The temps are rising and patience is ebbing.  Not my patience, but I could feel the level of frustration rising in Target this afternoon.  The scales tipped toward moms with children in the store.  They outnumbered the rest of us 3-1.  Although the conversations of moms with their kids almost all sounded alike.  "You already have that!"  "You don't need that, put it back!"  "Why are you so rambuncious?" " I am going to count to three!"  "Don't run off!  We aren't going to be here that long!"  "I have already spent too much money already this month.  So no you can't have that!"  Those conversations resonated on just about every aisle.  I sought sanctuary on the vitamin aisle.  Surely these kids have enough energy, but I then I remembered their weary, worn out moms.  One mom stood there with her energy driven three year old boy and asked him, why are you so rambuncious and tear into everything?  He ran away from her and she turned her cart toward the checkout and gave her last bit of direction to him by saying you better come on.  He stood there and watched his mom move away from him and just about the time I am almost even with him he yells, HELP!  I am sure I  got that panicked look and looked at his mom like, I didn't even look at him.  She gave me a reassuring look and said, he yells help and then pronouces at the top of his lungs that his mom is leaving him.  On cue, he exclaimed those very words.

The whole reason I went to Target was to pick up some more duct tape.  Bright blue to be exact.  I am in the midst of a DIY project.  Several months ago I painted a brown rocker white and since I don't know how to sew and since we don't have a staple gun, I decided to try my hand at decorating with duct tape.  Think I had seen on Pinterest how someone covered some cushions on outside chairs.  Since this is a penurious project and it is a chair in the casita bedroom, I thought why not?  Well, it is going ok but I think that to be someone who likes to do DIY projects or likes to be crafty and creative this way also likes to measure things and have a little bit of a perfectionist streak in their DNA.  I have neither of those real measuring and I am no where near being a perfectionist.  So it doesn't look bad....from a distance.  I will tackle the back cushion later this evening and post a picture later.

I am just this week putting up things I brought home from the Biltmore.  No, not unpacking but actually getting stuff out of bags etc...  Sometimes things go to the black hole of our closet and after a while I finally clear things out. 

So now it is actually Friday.  Roy took a vacation day to be here for all the workmen etc...that would be here to work on warranty things.  I got the heck out of Dodge and headed into Houston.  I had taken a pair of frames from a couple of years ago that I liked and had new lenses put in them.  It was a happening place this morning and there was a bit of a wait, but not too long.  One lady who was ahead of me was trying to work the system.  Adjust my glasses, now what will you give me for free?  Apparently nothing but she did spend $3.00 on glass cleaning spray.  The lady came back through and saw me picking out a glasses case and getting spray for free.  She was not happy and made it known.  The woman who works there and who was helping me told her, she bought new lenses...there are free perks when you spend money.  I have a feeling nothing is really ever free at doctor offices unless you want to pilfer a magazine from 2008.  After getting my glasses I headed over to Le Peep for cinnamon pecan pancakes.  Then made the return trip out west and stopped to pick up something from our Nashville trip that we had framed.  I also had with me a print I had picked up at Bill's mall and having it framed and matted.  Then I came home.  All the workmen had been here and left or were just about to leave.  Roy and I made a late lunch run to Black Walnut Cafe and have been inside the a/c ever since.  He just left to walk around the lake.  I'm opting out of the walk...ok, I have opted out every time he walks the lake.  I didn't want y'all to think that tonight was the exception. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rolo McFlurrys are Back! And to Watch a Mockingbird

Nature is rather intriguing and more specifically Mockingbirds are very interesting.  The past few weeks we've watched the young birds learn how to fly under mother bird's protective eye.  For a while it looked like one little fella wasn't ever going to leave the tree, but fear of flight or maybe crash and burn has lifted but what is interesting is, these almost teenage looking birds still want the mother to feed them.  Before the storm yesterday, they balanced on the fence while momma bird, who is looking rather thin, went over to the bird feeder, got seed and came back and fed them.  Did I mention that the kiddos look well fed, almost too well fed.  Today, the bird family three have been closer to the feeder and sometimes the kiddos actually feed themselves but when mom returns they start crying and opening their mouths to be fed.  Wonder how much longer the momma bird is going to put up with this "failure to launch?" 

We had a bunny in the backyard last night.  Roy said when he goes on his walks around the lake he has seen 23 or so bunnies at one time.  When I was watering the flowers a couple of days ago, there were some people going through the house behind us that is for sale.  Oh my, I hope they don't buy because they are loud talkers!  Really loud! 

I saw this on Twitter this morning: :Forgiveness & Trust aren't the same. Forgiveness is offered freely&;instantly. Broken trust is earned back over time.  That is a great tweet by Rick Warren.

Back from an exciting adventure in errand running.  Chris, housekeeper, is here so I always try to get out of her way.  So, off I went.  My second to last errand was stopping at HEB.  It must be sample Wednesday and one of the samples they were giving away was prepared, hot oatmeal.  Yuck!  I'm saying to myself don't make eye contact....don't make eye contact.  Didn't matter, she stepped from behind the display with a little plastic cup of oatmeal and invited me to try some.  I politely declined.  She asked, puzzled, do you not like oatmeal.  No, in fact I hate it.  Oh come on try some.  Once you taste how delicious this is, you'll love oatmeal.  Now what she didn't know is, I had just has a Rollo McFlurry.  Yes people, they are back, hallelujah!  I did not want to take a taste of oatmeal and then leave it and undigested Rollo McFlurry on the floor, which would prompt an announcement of clean up on aisle 4.  I almost had to go Sam I Am on her.  No, I would not, could not even buy a box.  I would rather eat a bowl of rocks.  I do not eat it with my spouse.  I barely let it in the house.  Oatmeal, it's something I don't ate and if I did I would regurgitate.  Then when I checked out I got in a line that looked to be moving quickly but it slowed to a crawl.  The woman's seven children showed up to "help" her check out.  She was parked a couple of spaces over from me...complete with a beat up mini van.  I really was in awe that so many children and so many bags of groceries were fitting into the van.  Wow, and she was so patient. 

I hate that I just let everyone know that the Rollo McFlurry is back right there in the midst of oatmeal talk.  Happy, happy, happy! 

Last stop, CVS to pick up a prescription.  I think everyone and their cousin was at the CVS.  Customers and lots of phone calls going on. 

Love keeping up with the choir and orchestra while they are in the Philippines.  The blog has been great and Facebook updates and pics are the greatest!  This has nothing to do with the choir, but isn't ironic that so many who have made a name recently in the Christian world of books and tours acquired a lot of their notoriety on social media, yet they are the ones who preach a message of limited access and abstinence from FB, email, Twitter and blogs to their followers and readers. 

Well, the mockingbird family is back.  I have some bird watching to do. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday, Tuesday...

For the most part we are having a rainy afternoon out here in Rancho de Five.  The rain has come in waves with breaks in between.  Some thunder and lightning.  In response to the thunder Buddy has been bringing the sheep out all throughout the house.  Buddy is a shepherd at heart by taking those stuffed sheep all throughout the house.  Maybe I'm the shepherd because I herd them all back to the box where they belong. 

I spent the better part of yesterday in Houston.  I had an appointment and decided to come in a little early to run a few errands.  When I got to the appointment, we had different times scheduled, but it worked out I had to wait around for another hour.  So it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading.  After the appointment I headed over to the eye doctor to have some new lenses put in an older pair of frames.  Then I headed back west.  I even fixed dinner!

So I guess that is why I forgot about Bible study this morning.  Totally forgot and only remembered when I picked up the book we are studying around 11:30.  Oops!  I will have to miss next week because I have an appointment in Houston.  The book has been so good and so informative, for sure I am going to finish reading it.

We totally blew off Implosion at church on Saturday.  Roy really wanted to go to Bible study at the Episcopal church and of course I wanted to do the regular Saturday thing of breakfast out and then do the whole produce thing.  Got some eggs and peaches at the farmer's market and stopped by the produce stand and picked up tomatoes, green beans, cream peas, onions, and a cantaloupe.  A little later we went to old Katy to the market days and got some corn.  We also dropped in at Bill's store and let's just say, we didn't leave empty handed.  We've been needing a hose holder, well actually two of them and dropped in at the old Tractor Supply store.  It has been a while. 

Sunday morning, we worshipped at home.  The sermon was on parenting and I just didn't feel like hearing anything about that.  We thought about visiting a church out this way but decided against that.   We made lunch here and spent a lazy day around the house.  In fact one of my favorite movies was on TCM.  But my very favorite movie of all time, The Bad Seed is going to be on this Saturday afternoon on TCM. 

I'm in a blogging funk.  Oh there is plenty to blog about but I'm thinking that it is for another day.  So right now unless there is more breaking news like House Hunters is fake, writing about my days will have to do. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Planning and Chore Day

I'm home after having a lovely breakfast at Black Walnut Cafe.  The warranty man from David Weekley came this morning to do the 10 month check up.  We have about four non serious issues that will be taken care of next week.  Then Roy took my car to the Toyota dealership to get the oil changed and the 30,000 mile check up.  So it's just me and Buddy hanging around the house.  While hanging around with a relatively clear schedule, I booked our next trip to the Inn on the Biltmore Estate.  While we are thrilled to go, Buddy won't be so excited as we are.  Buddy will be going to "camp" again, not her favorite thing. 

A whole day has come and gone and now it is night.  While Roy was taking care of Sequisha, I finished up the casita bedroom organization.  Tomorrow after we go to that Implosion thing at church, we are going to tackle a project I saw on Pinterest.  Duck tape as a cushion covering on the rocking chair I painted a couple of months ago.  Time is one of the reasons I am not a good crafty, DIY person.  If something can't be done quickly I lose interest and it can be quite some time until I am ready to tackle the project again.  We also have a really neat blue and white I Love Lucy sign to hang over the closet in the casita bedroom.  Found it at K T Antiques. 

When Roy got home we headed out to the Kroger on 99 heading toward the land of sugar.  It is huge!  It will be nice when the Kroger gets built that will be a little closer to us.  We decided to pick up something for dinner while we were there.  Again, another home cooked meal.  Last night we went to Alica's.  It just opened and they haven't worked out all the kinks.  So it took a while to get waited on, a while for the food to arrive but when they brought the food, we went ahead and asked for the check.  We liked what we ordered and the salsa was pretty good.  We will go back for sure, but maybe in another week or so. 

After Roy's walk this evening he helped me finish up watering all the flowers on the courtyard.  He has settled in with popcorn to watch TV.  A book is calling my name and I need to read my Bible study book too. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What? House Hunters is Fake? Say it isn't So.

I sit here today in total unbelief and in stunned silence.  House Hunters on HGTV is totally fake and probably included in House Hunters fakery is Property Virgins, My First Place and dare I write it, House Hunters International?!   I totally bought into the fact that most of the husbands, no make that, guys living together with their girlfriend, know all the designer terms.  Not one time while we were looking at homes last year did Roy ever use the words, spacious, whimsical, cozy or cute.  He said stuff like, this sure is a big room.  He didn't even ever say window treatments, floor coverings, or chic dazzle.  OK, I don't even know if that last one is really a design term, but doesn't sound like it could be?  Another hint that HH is fake, no real life discussions.  No rolling the eyes, no raised voices, no called off sass (I couldn't resist).  All emotions are maintained and even major disappointments when the deal falls through is met with, oh well, there will be another house.  Just keep a stiff upper lip.  Last year when the last place we looked at before deciding to meander out to Rancho de Five went under contract as we stood there, planning on making an offer.  I cannot tell you how hard it was not to break down in tears at that very moment.  We left the second the realtor got off the phone, I didn't really talk, I just wanted to get home.  So all the talk about big back yards, media rooms, hardwood floors and atrocious paint colors is scripted.  Who knew?  OK, when HH first started it sounded pretty scripted.  Take 20, line...".Oh wow, I love this entry way but that chandelier is going to be a problem."  Not enough passion and excitement, take 21....hey, let's add some chic dazzle into the exclamation! 

Next thing you know it will come out that the Ultimate Grand Supreme titles on Toddlers and Tiaras can be bought and that all the bling is just rhinestones.  Dance Moms!  Surely that isn't fake!  Mob Wives?  Those TV people could get whacked it they aren't filming the truth.  Cajun Justice?  Pawn Stars?  Gee, I might have to go back to scripted television. 

Other news, a pizza place and a Shipley's Donuts is opening in July near us.  Hallelujah!  Breakfast and dinner are nearby.  The bad news is, along with the two mentioned openings will also be a dentist, vision center, cleaners and nail salon.  Really, there are tons of these kind of places along with Mexican food, storage space and churches. 

L.L. Bean wants to catch up with me.  Apparently, the emails they send are not meeting my shopping needs.  Eddie Bauer has conditions on my participation in their Friends program.  Apparently, EB might defriend me because I'm not purchasing enough merchandise to be considered their friend.  No offense, but I don't want to look like I want to go hiking every moment of the day.  Pottery Barn wants me to come back and look at their merchandise and Williams Sonoma reminds me weekly that I looked at a sisal bunny before Easter and the price has dropped once again...come on, order, you know you want that bunny!

Tomorrow the DW warranty guy is going to do a ten month walk thru.  Glad Roy took the day off.  I am not good with that kind of stuff.  Then he is taking Sequisha for her check up and oil change.  Driving a lot in the month of May sped up the scheduled October check up. 

With great interest and with much prayer I am following my friends from choir and orchestra on their trip.  They have been in Dubai and are waiting to soon leave for Manila.  It's almost as good as being there only I'm not as tired as they are.  Yesterday, when they were waiting at the airport a part of me, I should have gone.  Yet I could hear the distant laughter from my Dr when I asked about flying 33 hours and dealing with the tropical heat. 

Well, I better go because Roy will be home soon and we are going out to eat.  I will have to break the news to him about the fakery of House Hunters.  He'll be devastated for sure and he will want to do something about the Amorphous line and shape of our backyard and the Biomorphic shapes that plague us constantly. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Check In

Let the record show that we have eaten dinner at home, fifth day in a row.  I actually like summer veggies so that helps.  Last night though, Roy made most of dinner because I had done too much and gotten too hot so I was useless for the afternoon and evening.  OK, useless more than normal. 

It is fun seeing the pictures from Facebook of friends getting ready for the choir and orchestra mission trip to the Philippines.  Sometimes I accidentally spell Philippians so please be patient with me until I notice the mistake and correct it.  They are at the airport and the seating area looks like a sea of green.  Just got a couple of texts that Drew and Peggy had a mishap in the airport and Peggy cut her arm.  Better to happen in the states I guess. 

So this morning I determined since I didn't have anything that I had to go do that this would be a day to stay home and get some stuff done around here.  Lucky Roy, he's coming home to a make up and haven't even touched my hair.  And he thinks that sometimes I don't listen to the sermons.  First thing, washed all the white rugs in the bathrooms.  Then I started cleaning out my desk.  It is a secretary type desk so it hides a multitude of paper sins.  You know someone has dropped by so you put all the mail and stuff behind the desk door.  Even cleaned out the drawers.  Nobody will appreciate the work, but I will.  The casita bedroom was next on the list.  Actually, it looks good but behind the closet door is an organizational mess.  All my artful journaling stuff wasn't sorted correctly and once again I realize I have an addiction for journals.  Last night before the faux storm I began the work but thinking of all the rain and lightning, I came on in the house.  Truthfully, I could have stayed out there a little longer because we only got a little bit of rain.  After dinner I will go back out there and finish up. 

My brother sent me this yesterday.  It is a picture of my mom's parents.  Think I was about 3 when my grandfather died but I do remember bringing him leaves while he sat on the front porch.  Loved my Grandma.  I used to spend a lot of time with her in the summers.  Oh my, we could do some serious laughing.  At the produce stand each week I have bought some plums and they are just the size and kind I remember that my grandmother grew.  She never learned to drive so she was dependent on her sons to take her to the grocery store.  That woman bought a ton of JELLO and hardly ever fixed it but her cabinet was stuffed with every flavor made.  She and I got hooked on these cheap breaded beef cutlets one summer and we'd smother them in Cook's Catsup.  Cook's was the brand that the coffee man sold.  Whose the coffee man, he was a door to door salesman that sold a little bit of everything.  He was really nice and came about every two weeks or so.  Thanks Doug for sending this to me.  I told Doug that in my mind when I think about my grandfather I picture Eisenhower.  Must be due to them both being bald. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ain't Nobody Sassin' Around

The skies over Rancho de Five are clouding up a bit.  I just gave Roy the storm warning for Houston to make sure he gets out of downtown before it hits.  Last night I did the feed the flowers thing and any rain would do them good.  Next spring I think zinnias is the way to go.  They are easy and really rather pretty.  The marigolds aren't doing as well as I thought they would but the snap dragons are still blooming profusely.  Who knew?

On Saturday the Women's Ministry at HFBC had Debbie Stewart come and speak.  She spoke at our Christmas dinner and was awesome!  Her topic on Saturday didn't really pertain to me, so I thought, but her words and wisdom have already given guidance and confirmation this weekend and beyond.  The study of Ezra in Life Bible Study, formerly known as Sunday School, is rocking my world as well.  Our pastor's sermon on marriage was good, but I really question if he should have used the term 'sass' in connotation with wives speaking disrespectfully to their husbands.  Sass to me is a word you use with a child, "don't sass your mother!"  It doesn't seem to be the correct word to use for grown ups, especially grown up women. Roy slept in Sunday morning.  He needed the rest after getting in at 1:00 am Thursday morning and leaving five hours later for the office.  He listened to the sermon on the web and we have had lots of fun, as per usual, this week doing our everyday stuff.  Lot of throwing around in fun, 'don't sass me woman' and I don't mean to be sassing you but...."  But if I had a dollar for every time the word amazing was used Sunday morning and five dollars every time the phrase amazing, amazing was used, we could have gone out to lunch at Taste of Texas. 

Tomorrow 125 people from the choir and orchestra leave for the Philippine's.  Earlier, I looked at the handbook and prayer guide.  I want to be praying for and with them for the Lord to a great thing in the hearts of the people they have gone to minister to as well as a refreshing in the choir and orchestra's spirit.  Wish I could have gone but when I talked to my Cardiologist about it, he laughed and it wasn't that joyful happy to tell you good news laugh.  I've been playing the new CD in the car since Sunday.  Love it!  I'm singing along and when I have to stop for an errand, I make sure the music is at a rest or transition in order to join in with them again when I return to the car. 

Very happily this morning online I declined jury duty in Harris County.  It was such a good feeling to give the reason of no longer being a resident in Harris County.  I got the notice a couple of weeks ago and was surprised because I had declined in August because we had moved thus no longer able to serve there.  Both times were Monday morning calls and you usually get picked at the least for a panel on Mondays.  Actually, every time I have gone I've been selected to be on the panel but never picked for the actual jury. 

Today was our second gathering of Bible study.  Very interesting and lively discussion.  I am ashamed to admit that I only knew some of the names of the people who had influence on Christianity in the second and third centuries is from watching The Simpsons.   It was good to see several from our core group there today.  Karen and I share the love of Fit Flops and I was able to help guide her to find some on sale at The Nord Rack in Sugarland.  I was in the land of sugar for a haircut yesterday. 

Roy just emailed and said that they are getting rain now but they are nearing the park and ride.  Hopefully he will get home before the rain and hopefully, we will get some rain.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Morning Catch Up

Easing into Friday but will leave soon for a much needed pedicure.  We experienced a little bit of thunder and lightning last night and a brief, intense 15 minute rain in the afternoon.  That took care of one of my to dos for yesterday, water plants. 

Roy got home late Wednesday, rather early Thursday morning.  I don't believe he will ever fly AirTran again.  They changed flight times both going and coming home.  What should have been a 45 minute layover in Atalanta turned into almost a 6 hour layover because they changed the time.  Roy hit the door at home around 1:00 am.  I stayed awake to tell him how glad I was he was home and after than I woke up when he kissed me goodbye on his way into the office.  His best friend yesterday was Awake tea and he was hitting double shots of it.  He had hoped to leave a little early yesterday afternoon but it wasn't to be.  Sounds like he had a wonderful conference, better than usual and next year they are considering an earlier date in May. 

On Tuesday night they had a dinner thing and a group of them walked back to the Mayflower Hotel afterwards.  They all stopped and had their pictures taken in front of the White House. 

I can't wait to see all the pictures he took, although downloading pictures is probably the last thing on his list right now.  He hasn't even unpacked.  Roy did have an eventful dental horror of having a crown come off. 

On Wednesday evening Peggy and I did a M&G thing for a Small Methodist Churches dinner.  The Galveston Island Convention Center was teaming with Methodists from all over the state of Texas.  We did fine and knew our lines well, always a wonderful surprise for us, but the conditions were not the best.  The microphones weren't working and dinner was being served while we did our thing.  Really, when eating dinner, you don't want a speaker or singer or performance going'd rather talk with your friends.  Anyway, we had a good time and personally now I feel like summer has begun.  With learning or rather relearning the script hanging over me, I felt guilty if I wasn't thinking about or going over lines when I wasn't busy.  My favorite part of doing M&G, the moment it is over.  While we were wandering the halls in our costumes, I got to have a quick visit with a friend from long ago...we met in jr high and kept up with each other through college.  He is a Methodist pastor and now lives in East Texas  so that he and his wife are closer to their children in Dallas and Waco, but probably they love the fact they are closer to their grandchildren.  We had a fun quick visit, he had another meeting to attend and well, we had to share how to do penurious ministry with the small Methodist churches. 

Looking forward to the weekend.  Our neighborhood get together is tomorrow evening at the park in our neighborhood.  We are to bring a dish.  Of course I ordered cookies from Memorial Bakery.

On a totally different wave length, I love the book we are studying this summer at a neighborhood Bible study about Christian history.  Well, now I know where the Apostle's Creed came from and a few other lovely tidbits. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mildred and Gertrude Do Galveston

Mildred and Gertrude are traveling to Galveston to teach 'how to do ministry' on a budget for the Small Methodist Churches of Texas Conference tonight.  The Methodists might not ever know what hit them, although we have done several lunches and retreats for Methodists before...just not the small Methodist Churches of Texas, we are excited.  Our prayer is for the joy and laughter and well, just plain old silliness will lift spirits as we show them how to use a gingerbread house all year, a delicious recipe of Spam turkey and of course Nativity cookies aren't just  for Christmas.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slowly Catching Up

It is a slow moving Monday.  That's ok.  Stayed up late last night having fun at Peggy's and slept in this morning.  The only interruption to my sleep was a 6:30 phone call from Roy.  He wanted to say good morning before his first day at a compliance conference.  So while he is being compliant, I will be complacent.  Now that doesn't mean lazy or that I don't care, no it means not having a rush or hurried feel for the things that need to be done.  So after a produce filled weekend, Monday begins with fresh scrambled yard eggs, sliced homegrown tomatoes and toast with homemade jam. 

Roy says profound things and I need to start writing them down because my recitation of his quotes aren't nearly as good.  He was in Arlington Cemetery yesterday and said it was such a humbling place.  That those who had large monuments dedicated to them probably didn't deserve that recognition as the many who lie in the simple marked graves.  He was intrigued by Lincoln's second inaugural address, the short, simple and powerful words.  Then out of nowhere he says, if the prodigal son hadn't been so mistreated and made miserable by the pig farmer, he might have never come to his senses and returned home.  He then told me how much Washington DC reminds him of Paris and that he had found the greatest pizza place. 

As much I had wanted to sit down and write yesterday and I kept those two paragraphs up all day so that I could finish my post, it wasn't happening.  Sometimes there is so much rumbling around in my brain that needs to be put to paper or to blog so to speak that I find it difficult to sort through all the meandering thoughts and narrow them down to a workable number.  Couldn't do it yesterday and probably won't be able today.  But I did enjoy a laid back day with nothing really pressing, well except the continual repeating of M&G lines.  I made the purple hull peas I picked up on Saturday with jalapeno sausage and added sliced tomatoes to round out the dinner.  Maybe, finally, the laundry is getting caught up.  I thought about hanging a few pictures but decided to wait for Roy's help later.  PTL, I found my Mildred stuff.  I hadn't a clue where we had put it when we moved in.  Dress has been Febreezed and is hanging up airing out.  Since I had been rather social the past few evenings I did the water the flowers thing too, especially those around the trees.  For it being such a hot day, the evening cooled off rather nicely. 

This morning I went to Bible study.  We are reading the book Christian History Made Easy.  It's kind of like church history for dummies.  Lots of pictures and colors and facts that will help this ADDer pay attention.  The book is actually one used for junior high homeschooling.  This morning it was a get acquainted time and it was lots of fun.  Afterwards, I ran to Home Goods.  Sometimes I get this feeling, and I haven't a clue if it is a spiritual thing or not, to go to a certain store.  I have been looking for a retro/vintage drink cooler.  I had just about ruled out the real deal kind...more money than I wanted to pay for a used cooler and I had found some online this weekend that looked rather interesting.  But there in Home Goods, on a top shelf sat a small, metal, retro looking, drink cooler, pretty much what I had been looking for and score; it was cheaper than any of the others I had looked at. 

On the way home I looked at email while sitting at a rather long light.  Roy had emailed me asking for the phone number of his dentist.  A crown had come off one of his back teeth and he wanted to get an appointment to get it taken care of when he gets back downtown later this week.  Ah, those pesky crowns always come loose at inconvenient times. 

Guess, I should start cleaning the house for Chris.  She comes tomorrow so you know I have to do the predustination thing and put up stuff so that she doesn't, because when she puts papers and books up, there is a lot more searching involved. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

To Market To Market to Buy Fresh Produce

It has been a very happy and fun day out here in the Rancho de Five.  It started with an early morning breakfast at Otto's.  Some Saturdays Otto's has plenty of staff and then there are the days where they don't.  Today was one of those don't days.  I found myself kind of wanting to get impatient but just this morning in Jesus Lives, the devotion spoke on not getting ahead of ourselves and staying in the moment to see the presence of the Lord.  As John Bolin says, Praise the Lord!  What an opportunity!  Really and truly I didn't have a schedule this morning and my borderline impatience was coming from the fear that the farmer's market right there in the center of La Centerra might run out of tomatoes or eggs or anything I might want to purchase in the way of fresh produce.  So, instead of getting upset, I remained peaceful, with only the kind of peace that comes from the Lord.  No, I didn't have any great revelation or anything like that, there weren't any fish frying on a charcoal fire but it was a much better way to behave and believe. 

So, guess what?  After eating breakfast, there was plenty of produce.  Got tomatoes, lemon cucumbers (never had any before and they are delicious), carrots, peaches and yard eggs.  Brought the produce home and decided to venture over to old Katy and see what's up at Bill's antique mall.  I did not leave disappointed.  Since there are a million graduations this weekend, my route was not past the Merrill Center but back up Pin Oak and since I was that way, decided to stop in at Peg's.  There was a sign showing farm produce on the left at the four way stop by McDonald's and I made the mental note to stop by when leaving Peg's.  Wow, what a great stop at the produce stand.  They had purple hull peas, lady cream peas, butter beans, mixed variety of lima beans, peaches, tomatoes, plums, onions, red potatoes and a host of other goodies.  The girl said her in laws have a farm in Alto, Texas.  Either that means no sopranos allowed in town or more possibly it was named for the word stop in Spanish.  Alto, Lupe, Alto!  The produce stand will be open on weekends as long as there is produce to sell.  You should have seen all the emergency lights flashing with all the cars that were stopping to pick up produce.  I had a tomato and lemon cucumber sandwich for lunch and it was delicious!

I need to post a picture of the flower garden.  The snap dragons are still full steam blooming!  The wall flower plants have made a miraculous recovery and the zinnias are taking over.  Last night Roy pulled a bunch of weeds for me since it is difficult for me to maneuver in the flower bed and I planted a few more flowers around the back tree.  Some of the marigolds didn't make it and I didn't think that marigolds could really be killed.  Apparently they can be. 

Well an afternoon nap beckons and I've started several good books.  What a lovely day!  What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Thursday

Tuesday night we had fresh corn made in the skillet like my grandma used to make, small red potatoes and boiled shrimp.  We had leftovers last night which did not include any shrimp.  I'm kind of happy to write that last sentence because if there are leftovers that means I cooked.  Roy brought home some Chicky nuggets and we had the complete over carbed meal.  It was good.  Spaghetti is on the what's for dinner thing for Thursday night.  That means leftovers...

It has been a nature learning filled day.  A funnel cloud formed over the Rancho de Five and fortunately I only heard about it.  I did have my ears tuned to the wind because it was really blowing but I never heard the sound of a train.  Not even the Midnight Train to Georgia which I have mad Pip skills when it comes to that song.  On our way home in the middle of Mississippi when I needed something to wake me up, upbeat play list on iPod did the job.  Roy was impressed but wonders how I can remember the words to a song from a life long ago..whoo whoo whoo...dreams don't always come true unhuh, no unhuh; and I can't remember to pick up the cleaning.  Oh yes, back to nature.  Today I watched a baby bird grow up and learn to fly.  Mother mocking bird and baby bird were feasting on birdseed in our backyard.  The mother bird would pick up a good sized seed and feed it to the baby bird.  Kind of reminded me of, you have to eat all your dinner before you go out kind of mom thing.  After a few tasty morsels the mother bird flew to the lowest branch of the tree.  Baby B had a few futal starts but soon was making fitful progress up the trunk of the tree.  Each time it got closer to mom, mom would go up another branch.  First branch landing was a fail, but Baby B would flex its wings and start again.  Once it finally got to the lowest branch, mom flew over to the fence.  Baby B sat on that branch for the longest time and after a while, he moved up the branches bit by bit.  I missed winged flight but Baby B has left the yard.  Meanwhile preggo momma dove is hanging out quite a bit by the lantana.  She looks like she is going to deliver soon. 

Ann C I know you can identify with this; last night my heart was "got me working day and night" (also listened to some MJ in Mississippi) working very hard to go out of rhythm.  It woke me up out of deep sleep.  I could feel the flutter and sloshing between the beats.  This morning I did a reading and my pulse was highly elevated and the oxygen level in my blood was low.  So you have to decide, ok, is this going to work itself out or do I need to go to the ER?  It has been some time since I have had an episode this bad.  I kept moving and kept taking readings.  Finally, this afternoon the beat returned to normal but when my heart gets like this, I am exhausted.  Probably getting hot the past few days has not helped.  Stress level wise, nothing has changed with my loved one, although I found out he had the locks changed a second time.  He is living and acting pretty much in ways that are very characteristic of him.  I have no clue who he has told these delusional stories to and that includes my favorite great aunt.  My brother encouraged me to call her but I am afraid to.  What if she believes all these lies and stories? 

Ann C, another shout out, I ate a tomato sandwich today.  Peggy gave me two fresh homegrown, by someone other than Peggy, tomatoes.  It was a delicious lunch. 

Since I was trying to rest this afternoon I actually worked on M&G lines.  Roy went through them with me last night and I did ok.  He reads them so quickly I can hardly understand him.  Bless him, reading Gertrude lines is not anything he really ever wants to do but he is always willing to help.   In my mind I have to think through what Peggy normally says so I will be prepared and not have anything to throw me off. 

Buddy is still rather clingy but her whinny meows have diminished somewhat.  And she has let me spend time on the computer without her being in my lap or walking around the desk.  Since we have a touch screen computer, her tail wrecks havoc many a time.