Monday, November 11, 2013

A Just As I Am Weekend Catch Up

Thank you veterans!  Thank you to those who are currently serving.  We are grateful for your sacrifices. 

We had a totally laid back weekend and it was just what we needed.  Oh, the LSU loss wasn't a highlight but it was not totally unexpected.  Alabama's fake punt pretty much turned the momentum of the game.  It is looking like a probable loss to A&M.  Oh well, just isn't LSU's year in football.  We still enjoy rooting for them.  Loved the Baylor win!  In football, that was the highlight even though they played on Thursday night, not Saturday. 

There were several projects taken off the to do list.  We changed the A/C filters and batteries in the smoke detectors, finished up some trimming and mulching in the front yard, and a whole bunch of little things that are too mundane to mention...oh like mulch is that big of a deal.  Roy pulled a quad muscle, so that project ending injury curtailed Roy's involvement on Sunday afternoon wrapping up the to do's. 

Yesterday afternoon I was looking through some old books to use in my artful journaling projects.  It is nearly impossible for me to use any book that belonged to family members, not that I think the books are valuable but more for sentimental reasons.  If a book that was published in the late 1800s has made it this far, it deserves to stay on the bookshelf of honor.  I found an old civics book and I began to look through was perfect for what I wanted to do.  Then at the front of the book was my mom's handwritten name and address and I broke down in tears.  Thursday was the two year anniversary of my mother's home going and on Thursday I took some time to reflect upon my mother's life.  It was also time to be thankful to the Lord for having a mom who loved the Lord, loved to have fun and was so content to stay around home.  That staying around home is becoming a greater part of who I am these days.  Didn't cry any on Thursday but on Sunday to see her caught me by surprise that I would be so moved by her name written in a civics book.  I miss her but I have had more dreams where she makes an appearance or is a main character in the dream.  That makes me so very happy because it feels like time spent with her. 

I started reading Fannie Flagg's new book this weekend and I have laughed out loud several times which only makes Roy ask, what's so funny.  I used to try and explain why a book was making me laugh, but something gets lost in the translation.  I think the title of the book is The Last Reunion of the Filling Station Girls.  I am horrible at remembering titles and too ensconced at the desk right now to get up and check the title. 

While looking through old books yesterday, I came across a book published in the early 1900's, The Stories Behind a Hundred and One Hymns.  Over half of the hymns in the book I have never heard of and Fanny Crosby wasn't the only prolific woman hymn writer.  A woman wrote the most used and over used invitation hymn, Just As I Am.  The hymn writer was an invalid and was saddened with the fact she felt useless for kingdom work.   So, she wrote the words and someone put them to music.  Little did she know that she was being used in kingdom work because back in the day that was the song that pulled on your heart that eventually pulled at your feet to walk the aisle to the front of the church. 

Since I need to finish up some things around here, it feels like a just as I am kind of makeup and not going to mess with my hair.  Knowing that probably just scared a few of you to walk the aisle away from this just as I am woman today.  That Roy, he's a lucky guy. 

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