Friday, November 22, 2013

A Very Fine Day to Organize and Think of a Hymn

This is the weather that I love!  Overcast and cold.  What a beautiful day!  The rain and thunderstorm this morning just meant that the temps would be dropping sooner than later.  The water feature's level is up rather high.  It is drizzling a little now but again I have to say, I love this weather!  We were able to get out in all this earlier.  We couldn't leave until our warranty guy made it here to check on our shower.  He doesn't think it is anything serious.  After Roy took care of some business emails, we headed over to Target.  We got everything on our list and then some.  Roy was in the mood for Chinese food, so we headed over to T Jin's.  It also gave us a chance to run into HEB for a few things with hundreds of our best friends.  While we were eating we got a call from the dealership and Sequisha should be ready to return home on Monday or Tuesday. 

I've been holed up in the casita bedroom most of the afternoon.  Have several projects started but I stopped them because I needed to be better organized.  I feel like I have almost accomplished the reorganization.  One of the things we got at Target is a Crossly Radio.  We have one in the house and the sound is so good, so we picked up one for the casita.  Listened to Mark Lowry's love songs album and the choir and orchestra, Declare His Glory.  Love those songs!  Looking forward to getting the new orchestra release this Sunday. 

Today was the first day of Roy's vacation time.  He got a haircut and also took Buddy for her mani/pedi this afternoon.  Buddy is never really appreciative of that mani/pedi.  Roy is getting some much deserved rest now.  Think he is watching all his Castles that has been DVR'd. 

Back inside from casita where I spilled almost a whole bottle of Diet Coke.  I was cleaning up DC as quickly as possible because that bedroom still has carpet.  We were talking the other day that eventually we are having hardwoods put in the two guest bedrooms.  Not a high priority but a priority none the less.  Finished up the last of my organizing and as soon as I finish eating dinner, I am heading back out that way. 

I've had that traditional Thanksgiving hymn on my mind.  We even sang it in elementary school, probably isn't sung there anymore.  Maybe it can be heard at very traditional churches on Thanksgiving Sunday.

1.      Come, ye thankful people, come,
        raise the song of harvest home;
        all is safely gathered in,
        ere the winter storms begin.
        God our Maker doth provide
        for our wants to be supplied;
        come to God's own temple, come,
        raise the song of harvest home.
2.      All the world is God's own field,
        fruit as praise to God we yield;
        wheat and tares together sown
        are to joy or sorrow grown;
        first the blade and then the ear,
        then the full corn shall appear;
        Lord of harvest, grant that we
        wholesome grain and pure may be.

3.      For the Lord our God shall come,
        and shall take the harvest home;
        from the field shall in that day
        all offenses purge away,
        giving angels charge at last
        in the fire the tares to cast;
        but the fruitful ears to store
        in the garner evermore.
4.      Even so, Lord, quickly come,
        bring thy final harvest home;
        gather thou thy people in,
        free from sorrow, free from sin,
        there, forever purified,
        in thy presence to abide;
        come, with all thine angels, come,
        raise the glorious harvest home.
I looked up info on the author of this hymn.  Very interesting that this man Henry Alford.

To the person in the pew, Henry Alford is best known as the author of the Thanksgiving hymn "Come Ye Thankful People Come." Among scholars, he is better known for his commentary on the Greek New Testament, on which he labored for eighteen years. He did much of this work while carrying on the duties of a vicar to the small parish of Wymeswold. It had been neglected and he rebuilt it, visiting every soul in his keeping. One of his major undertakings was a series of Sunday afternoon sermons in which he taught through books of the Bible, explaining their meaning. He had a knack for explaining things in a way the simple people could understand.

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