Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday Stuff

We went to church this morning.  No freeway closures.  Loved the worship led by Elevate which is the student ministry choir and musicians.  They did a fabulous job leading us to the throne.  I am not one to tear up but the experience they presented was so meaningful.   One of Gregg's points on the Epicureans made me think of the play grocery store.  So after church and LBS which for us stands for Late Breakfast Stop instead of Sunday School, we made a trip to see The Fresh Market.  It took the place of the play grocery store.  I would totally be buying dinner there if we still lived in the area.  Roy had their chicken pot pie for dinner and said it was the best, even better than Rice's, which I thought was the best of all time.   I didn't even recognize the store, it looks awesome and a lot of different choices even more so that Rice.  We bought some tea and cookies.  Last night I had a cup of tea and a heath bar cookie crisp.  Delightful!  So glad of the reminder of the play grocery store. 

Sunday afternoon was a total laze fest.  Roy went to work out when Shaub came into the Texans game.  I watched till the bitter end but watching was only made palatable with a good book.  This weekend I found a couple of books that will be very helpful with my artful journaling.  Great ideas that are easy and one doesn't have to be an artist.  I am top drawer when it comes to stick figures. 

We had planned on having Christmas lights installed on our house, but as time winds down toward Thanksgiving, it is getting more expensive.  So, we are going to just go with what we have with a few new additions from last year and a few new things this year.  We went to Lowe's on Friday looking for strands of battery operated lights.  Several catalogs are offering them but wanted to see if we could find them locally.  There are solar lights, so we went with some of those choices.  Hopefully, I will not have to stand outside with a flashlight to charge up the solar battery if there is a string of cloudy days.  Lowe's has their Christmas stuff outside in the covered area of the garden dept.  So it was a whole lot of fun looking for Christmas decorations while it felt like summer.  On Saturday we found a few more items at Target.  Still all solar though. 

I am so thankful for a tree on the green space next to our house.  It is one of the closest trees to our yard and it is the only tree that has fall foliage.  All the rest of the trees are green.  I can sit here in the study and in the reading room that we converted from being a dinning room and see that tree.  What a gift!  Even when I know it is in the 80's, it feels like fall from the inside. 

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