Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another Fun Tuesday...

We kicked off the season of fall back last night with taco soup.  Nothing says fall and winter like hearty, delicious soups.  It wasn't all that cool yesterday but everything but the temps cooperated.  We had rain off and on all day and almost dark by 5:30....LOVE IT!  I know all of you who drove home in the dead of night at 5:45 did not love it.  Besides, it is only till March 9th of next year before we go back on daylight saving time. 

After studying Genesis 17 this week I believe that this chapter in the OT and the woman with the issue of blood in the NT might just be the least taught or preached from the pulpit chapters in the Bible.  It's kind of like if you are ever in mixed company, throw back term from the 60's but I am not talking about mixed bathing or swimming, and some guy gets hit in the Genesis 17 area on TV, all the men kind of do this synchronized winch and groan.  And a preacher man will tip toe around the woman with the issue of blood because just like we don't totally understand the Genesis 17 type hit, no man will ever truly understand what it is like to be like the woman with the issue of blood.  Just saying.....

Last night I completed the changing of the seasonal clothes in the closet and in the dresser.  I have yet to find my flannel jammie stash.  I wonder if Roy has anything to do with that?  Or is it just I have put them somewhere and I know not where to find them.  Not cold enough for them but it does make me wonder where in the heck they are.  I have found all kinds of other things like gloves and scarfs and necklaces and it wouldn't be complete without finding a few blank journals because I think all journals with narrow lines needs to come home with me. 

We had leadership meeting this morning but I had to leave early to meet Laurie M for lunch at The Nord.  It has been a long, long time since I have lunched at The Nord.  We had a great time over crab bisque and a salad for Laurie and me with my usual crab stack.  It was nearly 2:00 when we said our goodbyes only I looked at the Home dept for just a bit before heading to the prairie.  Such cute, cute things.  Last year the Nord didn't do a special Christmas ornament, but they did one this year.  So that has been taken care of. 

We heard a heart warming and eye opening devo this morning in leadership council.  And I think that God has just inserted a new Psalm into the Bible, Psalm 15.  Have I read it before and nothing resonated?  It spoke volumes to me this morning and just to make sure it is really in the Bible, I just looked at it again just now.  I use the NLT but The Message painted a picture that made it short, succinct and bottom line.  Love how the Word is always alive. 

It has stopped raining so guess I can go out and bring in the trash cans.  I figure if Roy can haul them out there when they are filled, I can bring them back to the garage when they are empty. 

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