Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday Night...Reflections

Roy is ensconced watching college football.  No LSU game this weekend.  We are rejoicing with Auburn and pulling for Baylor. 

As per his usual practice, Roy went to Bible study and afterwards stopped at the Enterprise Rental Car next to HEB.  Sequisha gets her new bumper this week and the dealership and Roy have been haggling with Nationwide on the rental car.  He was checking with the Enterprise close to us if we could switch out cars in case we end up with something as small as a mini cooper.  Yes, people six feet tall and taller fit into those small cars.  Our reasoning, this is why we drive a larger car, so the rental should at least be a SUV.  I told Roy we just need to ask for God's favor when we take Sequisha in.  While he was close by, Roy ran into HEB and picked up a few groceries. 

We headed over to Katy Mills Mall later in the morning because Books a Million was having a friends and family additional 20% off everything sale.  Glad Roy has been working out because we came out of the store with two rather heavy bags.  We lunched at Lupe's and then went to Target with the rest of Rancho De Five for a few things. 

This week in CBS we find ourselves in Genesis 19.  All kinds of stuff going on up in there.  So there is Lot sitting at the gate of the city, which means he's a mover and shaker...a high powered rancher...he has himself some moolah.   What Lot doesn't know is, Abraham has interceded for him with the Lord.  Sitting at the gate, with no clue that he would have been swept away and destroyed with everyone else if not for Uncle Abe helping him out again.  I think Lot would be the "businessman" in today's world that would be most attractive to the church.  He has the look, he has the leadership but he hasn't a clue.  Yep, that's usually how the church universal likes 'em.  Maybe, Abraham wouldn't be so attractive to be on committees and the like.  Many times we are more drawn to what they have more than who they are and what they believe.  Looking for some Kool-Aid drinkers sometimes...those who won't rock the boat, agree with everything and then help fund whatever is the latest thing.  You can read a lot of informative blogs that give the skinny on this kind of thing.  I have no practical experience with this...just a thought though in the study of Abraham and Lot.  Some of the questions in this week's homework really made us look into the reality of how Sodom, his daughter's fiancés, and the people of Zoar really viewed Lot and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of respect for him.  I love the name Zoar, it means little place. 

I was talking with a friend this week who reads the old Monablog.  It was so encouraging that she told me she loved reading about this season of life for me.  The 50's has been a lot of fun in the midst of crisis, chaos, fatigue and departures.  The decade I was dreading turned out to be a lot more freeing.  That first year of being fifty though, I had my doubts this was going to be anything good.  I experienced deliberating depression.  I am a pull myself up by the bootstraps kind of girl, but nothing...was working or helping.  I got up, got dressed, went to work, came home and went to bed.  Everything was done by rote.  I could turn on personality but as soon as I could, I turned it off.  Lots of therapy and lots of patience and love from Roy finally pulled me out of that pit and thankfully, I didn't take the drugs that would help take the edge off.   I had a cancer scare when I had a hysterectomy.  Roy underwent all kinds of tests because his blood work gave us a scare of a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's Disease.   Praise the Lord, he didn't have it!  I had a heart attack, a minor stroke and viral cardiomyopathy.  It was a long five and half year heart journey but I feel like I have made it over to the other side.  My knees are responding well to the all these things, in the midst of difficult days and sleepless has been good.  The Lord changed so many things in me that otherwise wouldn't have happened and it would have not been my choice to learn this way, but I rejoice that I did.  I'm thankful there are a lot less toxic people to deal with now and our lives are enriched with good friends and people who genuinely care and don't play games.  We are blessed and so thankful for God's goodness and faithfulness. 

Buddy has almost stopped progress in getting anything written.  She is all over me, pawing at my face, purring up a storm and trying her best to fit underneath my neck.  Oh yea, maybe she is wanting me to include that she came into our lives  in this last decade. 

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