Saturday, November 9, 2013

What a Week!

This has been an unusually busy week.  I've had so much fun meeting friends for lunch and or dinner.  In the in between I've been doing homework, going to leadership council and Bible study, staying out of Consuela's way and working on a few projects.

Tuesday evening Dena picked me up to eat dinner, then go to Katy Mills Mall.  We decided on Chinese food, which was really good and then headed over to the mall.  There was something there she wanted to purchase and while she was checking into that I wondered over to Books A Million.  I know, I just surprised everyone with that news.  Wednesday morning I was up bright and early to head into Houston to meet Lisa P.  Love lunch with Lisa at the Lux.  We helped open up with the lunch crowd and we shut it down with the last remaining late lunchers.   I brought some Scuppernong Jelly for Lisa since we know that Rhoda, from our favorite movie The Bad Seed, sits under the scuppernong arbor several times during the movie.  The jelly is made with scuppernong wine, cane sugar and pectin.  Your toast has a little bite to it with that jelly.  I also brought her something from The Nord's new line of products of their brand; a red and black Nordstrom tea towel that has a hint of art deco in the design.  After Lux, we headed to the Rack....I am so singing Whitney Houston's version of I Go to the Rock, right now while writing.  After a little shopping I headed back out west.  There were more errands to run and then a little time to be killed waiting for Consuela to finish up.  Roy had wanted to go out for dinner Wednesday night, but I was so very, very tired.  He brought home pizza and we opted for dinner out on Thursday evening.  Thursday morning was Bible study and afterwards I met Mimi for lunch...yes, there seems to be a pattern here.  I came home for a phone call, man, it has been a long time since I have said that, but it had to do with my monitor and cell phones don't work as well.  I came home to find the console table I had ordered.  There was a little assembly but it went well.  Actually, this has two tables one is a bit smaller.  They were such a deal and I have tried several times to get this on Joss and Main, but they have run out of them before I could get one ordered.  They look nice but I need to rearrange the lamp situation or find a smaller lamp.  That evening Dena met Roy and me at Tony's.  Friday morning I had an appointment at Emmanuel and had a second blessing of seeing Susan K there too.  We both go to Stevie, so it was kind of party time.  It was early dismissal day out here on Friday, so all the errands I needed to run, were done rather quickly because it was like Christmas in the parking lots...and when I say Christmas I don't mean in it in a good way.  Roy and several friends had lunch at Midway, so he brought home brisket that we will have for dinner tonight as we watch the LSU/Bama game.  We are hoping the good LSU team shows up tonight. 

Is it just me or are Christmas lights up much earlier this year?  It is probably due to the fact that lights on the house used to be installed by the dad with the kids helping, now I think light hanging is outsourced.  And to be able to get all the houses done, some have lights up now.  We were planning on doing that but I think we are going to stay with our original plan from last year and do lights around the sidewalk.  Then we have several Christmas outdoor pieces that we bought last year at Brookwood. 

Hopefully, we will finish up mulching the flowerbeds today.  There are several lights that need to be replaced outdoors and the A/C filters need to be changed.  Oh and smoke detector batteries need to be changed.  Going to be life on the ladder this afternoon. 

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