Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The last time I had studied extensively anything about the Patriarchs was in Bible study on Tuesday nights with Beth Moore.  It was the same year that Katrina and Rita happened and as Roy and I headed east to eventually turn north and everyone else was heading west, we talked about Abraham and how our journey opposite of everyone else felt very leaving Ur to parts unknown, although we knew we were heading toward Shreveport.  Well, honestly, that felt like parts unknown to me.  Fast forward to right now where we are studying Genesis and we are smack dab in the middle of Abraham's life with the soon coming birth of his son Isaac.  I have learned so many new things within this study and I have really pondered and considered so many scenarios of what and what didn't happen.  Chapter 18 isn't as wild as 17 but chapter 19 is looking to hold onto some wildness for sure.

When I left Leadership Council a little after 12:00, it was still pleasant and the cool front had not come out Rancho De Five way.  When I came out of Kroger, oh yes, there was a definite chill to the air and the wind had picked up considerably.  Outdoors really looks like winter and I am thrilled for all of this.  I even wore new boots today...boots with my jeans stuffed inside them.  I have become a boot wearer.  I was contemplating this new boot fascination and why now.  It came to me, with my knees feeling better and with me feeling better, boots don't feel weighty or cumbersome.  How fun was it wearing boots today?  Very fun! 

Now I am doing something I almost never do.  I am having a cup of coffee in the afternoon.  Coffee time for me is early morning or late at night, rarely in-between.  Maybe the boots are making me feel all trendy like or something.  Although the whole coffee feeling scene and Starbucks runs have kind of run their course and had their day.   Maybe the boots are saying baby boot steps girl and if my boots were talking instead of being made for walking...well I would be on The View or something. 

Along with the Fannie Flagg book, I am also reading Jesus Feminist, Exploring God's Radical Notion That Women Are People, Too by Sarah Bessey.  I like it so far.  Don't judge until you read it yourself.  It is not the book that you think it might be. 

My order from Sugarboo Designs came on Saturday.  I cannot tell you how much I love Sugarboo.  I love the vintage look of the paper and the quotes are not the standard ones we see all the time.  I think my love of quotes came from my mother's father.  I never really knew him and only slightly remember him but he had notebooks and five year diaries filled with quotes he loved and newspaper articles that meant something to him.  As a child I loved to sit there at his desk and look through those books and understand who he was and what motivated him to think and ponder.  I love me a good, thought provoking quote. 

That fireplace in the living room is calling out to me, so I must go with book and coffee in hand. 

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