Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Mulch and Memories Vespers

The first full evening after fall back.  It is dusk and it is almost 5:35.  I love it.  The wind is bringing a little bit of chill to the air.  Earlier this afternoon, we worked on assembling a wooden cabinet that doubles as a litter pan receptacle.  I hope Buddy appreciates all the hard work her mom and dad put into the assembling process.  Neither Roy nor I are gifted in this way.  After a false start, a reassembling and Roy finally seeing the big picture that the drawer is for scoops and such and is found in the top part of the cabinet.  Roy thought it was a drawer that doubles as the litter pan.  Anyway, no one got hurt or mad or dare I say childish during the whole procedure.  We've assembled and carried that baby in, loaded up the litter pan with fresh litter and we're just waiting for Buddy to wake up from her early evening nap.  Buddy is not a fan of change. 

Loved having the extra hour to sleep and with that extra time we were actually able to get up and go to church.  Not a close by neighborhood church, but the church where we are members.  The music was so worshipful and heartwarming.  Those words sung by all were healing and inspiring.  Our church is so blessed with great music leadership.  We were looking for a friend and Roy thought he saw her going the  opposite way, so we turned back trying to find her.  Along the way we got to see and speak to so many friends.  When we couldn't find her, we headed over to Dayspring, her Life Bible Study class, and found her there.  I was so encouraged to run into Carole Lewis, little shout out to Carole on Monablog.  Roy and I went to Life Bible Study at Le Peep today.  It has been too long since I've had the cinnamon pecan pancakes.  I could eat breakfast food for every meal.  Then we stopped at Lowe's to pick up more mulch.  We should have those guys come and do our mulch that do the mulching for Rancho De Five.  The mulch is blown in from these huge trucks.  Ah yes, the fragrance of mulch filled the air around the Rancho for most of the weekend.   After our assembling of the litter box, we were able to get mulch out onto two flowerbeds.  We will conclude the mulch portion of our program later this week.

Last night after working on Genesis homework, I went out to the courtyard and turned on the fireplace.  It was perfect temps to sit and watch a fire.  Neighbors nearby were setting off a beautiful firework display that filled the sky.  Almost as good as New Years or the Fourth of July.  Many times when Indian couples get married, a firework show is a part of the celebration.  I looked up into the sky and thought, it is a good thing God told Abram when he did that Abram's descendants would outnumber the stars...cause last night Abram would have had made five or six descendants if he lived out here on the prairie.  Our Genesis homework is in Chapter 17 this week and it is rather funny that CBS is trying every which way to impress the importance of covenant without using the word circumcision.  Might be a very interesting discussion this week. 

This past week I have been thinking of all the people that took an interest in me when I was much younger.  There was the Sunday School teacher that taught me how to prank, a needed biblical asset to have.  There were all those teachers from church that my mother called as soon as I promoted to schedule a meeting.  It would just save time later on because I could be rather disruptive in class, double barreled because I actually studied the lesson.  Hey, that's the best way to disrupt, use the teacher's words.  There were those ladies who worked with the youth that took us clear across town to kick butt in church volleyball at Glen Rose Baptist Church, I think that's where we played.  We would load up in the station wagons and roll over to I 45 scared to death because we thought we were in a bad part of town.  I have no clue if it was but it was far away and those youth ladies always gave us careful instruction to leave the cars and go straight into the gym.  We had a pretty good church VB team and we won the league several times.  I started reading the book When We Were on Fire and I think that is why I've been remembering so many good things from back in the day youth days. 

Thinking I might need another fireside chat this evening and then watch some of the football game.  This is the most wonderful time of the year....

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