Thursday, November 21, 2013

Riding Along in a Jeep Wrangler

Sooooo, Sequisha is at the Toyota dealership getting some body work done, getting the rear bumper replaced.  This has turned out to be a two month adventure.  While all the back and forth between the insurance company, getting the bumper ordered and scheduled, we thought this might turn out to be a painless process.  Ha!  I live to laugh!  Roy had painstakingly gone through the details with Toyota and with Enterprise Car Rentals because he is a plan man.  So there was lost paperwork and no one from Enterprise at the dealership when we arrived, so we sat there for a little while.  Now, these are the things that usually put me over the edge but since I had been asked to give my devotion from leadership council for Thursday morning Community Bible Study opening, you better believe I had that give thanks attitude going.  Roy was pacing and anytime someone who looked official came by, he would ask them if they were with Enterprise.  Finally, the guy shows up to take us down the street to the Enterprise location offsite.  We crammed ourselves into this tiny Corolla.  Roy was practically laying across the back seat and I was in such a tight space, it looked like I was praying all the way down the Gulf Freeway.  When we arrived at Enterprise, we were told they would get that Corolla all cleaned up for us and we would be on our way.  Oh, no, no....there is a reason we drive a SUV, we are tall and I have bad knees.  Roy was agitated by the time we went into the office again explaining to the staff who could not find our paperwork, that he had talked to them about having a larger car for us and we were willing to pay the extra over the rental stipend.  And then it happened....they made us an offer that I could totally refuse, "what about a mini van?"  Now my outside appearance was rather calm but on the inside of me I was giving thanks to God but also asking if He would intervene because I could not see me driving a mini van and He knows mini vans are my arch nemesis in life.  Frantically, I am thinking, ok, I will make fun of myself having to drive a mini van and I would need to find the stick people store so I could add a few, oh like 19 or so family stick figures to the back of the van window.   About that time a Jeep Wrangler was parked in front of the office and a bunch of the employees of Enterprise were looking inside it.  Roy immediately said, we will take that one...meaning the Jeep.  The man who was helping us  was so surprised to see that Jeep because they rarely got that kind of car at their location.  Those were usually returned to the airport.  He wished us Merry Christmas but inside I was thanking the Lord for providing a Jeep instead of a mini van.  This Jeep is four wheel drive, off-road kind of vehicle.  I'm fixing to take that thing out and get my Duck Dynasty on and get all red neck up in here or be a mudder like Honey Boo Boo.  I chose Duck Dynasty.  We found out later if we had used Enterprise onsite, we would have probably been stuck with the Corolla because Toyota likes them to put you in one of their cars.  We are already smitten, so there is nothing to worry about there.  Last night

Once we got back to the Rancho De Five area, we decided to pick up Roy's car from the Park and Ride, then head over to Lupe's for dinner.  Since Roy and I were now in separate cars I didn't have his help changing lanes because the Jeep has much smaller windows and bad blind spots.  We got separated and Roy saw a Jeep Wrangler with flasher lights on sitting in the middle of a median.  For a few seconds he thought it was me, but the Jeep wasn't gray and black like the one we rented.   When we got home we realized we could put the backseats down and at least get the huge head rests out of the way. 

Now, we have a week off from CBS for the Thanksgiving holidays.  I am so grateful that I was asked to share this morning.  On Tuesday I read my devo because of time constraints and the like but today I just used notes and was able to use yesterday in part of the devotion.  The scripture I used was Psalm 136.  Great one on giving thanks. 

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