Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Day!

When we were at The Biltmore in September we discovered a great magazine , Our State.  Of course it is not our state, but the state of North Carolina.  We decided to subscribe to it and received the first magazine this week.  Even though we do not live in NC, several articles were of such great interest that we upped our subscription for another year.  Included in this Christmas issue is, 16 Original Prayers for North Carolina and one of them is from Billy Graham.  Since we are making a return trip during the Christmas holidays to The Biltmore, it's nice to have this resource to plan things out for the trip.  In fact we front loaded an extra day at the start of our trip instead of taking two nights for traveling.  If the roads are clear, we will be able to get to a gallery we both like in a small town outside of Asheville.  I follow the gallery owner on FB and love the new photographs and paintings.  One might need to come home with us.

After a few dreary, wet, cold days, it is still cold but the sun is out.  I don't mind those cold, dreary days at all.  I welcome them though many others do not.  Buddy is watching the birds and Roy has gone to pick up Sequisha.  We will be so happy to have her home.  While we appreciated the Jeep, the ease of getting in and out of Sequisha is more appreciated than ever. 

Yesterday, seemed like a taco soup kind of day.  Only, we were missing a few ingredients.  Roy volunteered to make a Kroger run.  So thankful for that.  Dena was dropping off my coat I accidently left at her house on Sunday evening, so we invited her to eat dinner with us.  She volunteered to bring chips and queso.  One never turns down the offer of chips and queso.  Ironically, she a Texas A&M graduate had to eat dinner off our LSU placemats.  They are paper and we asked if she wanted to take hers home as a souvenir.  Surprisingly, she declined.  Dena and I watched the finale of DWTS.  I hadn't watched it this season but with all the filler montages,  I didn't feel like I had missed a thing. 

For the second day in a row, Roy made a Southern Maid donut and kolache run.  Last night we both said at the same time, that the donut shop stop needed to end, well at least for now.  Because this afternoon we will pick up our Thanksgiving dinner from Good Ol' Boys.  It is a calorie laden extravaganza!  Tomorrow in the late afternoon, we will go to friend's to finish up celebrating our thankfulness and appreciation of all that God has provided.  Each Thanksgiving in the past few years has been different.  Two years ago, my mother was buried on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Last year Roy decided we should do something different and we went to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving at The Biltmore.  OK, yes, the Biltmore is not different in what we do, but he thought it would be a good thing on the first anniversary of my mother's passing and service.  We will be going to the Bass Pro Shop tomorrow, kind of our tradition and Roy will probably go out and take a few photos like he likes to do.  You know me, I am content with a good book, a good cat and a good cup of hot tea chased with a Diet Coke. 

I read an interesting article this morning, actually an opinion piece of the NY Review of Books.  It is political in nature but that's not why I found it interesting.  The piece is on the decisions made in the first term of our President's administration and for me any President's name could be substituted and I say this because this is not a political discourse on my part.  What drew me in was the reminder of making good decisions early on make for a better time further down the road.  This article could be true of any corporation or organization right down to the degree of decisions we make each and everyday in our little lives.  We should always keep in mind those we surround ourselves with, whose opinions we value, and the effect their presence and words have in our lives.  The Psalmist knew that from way back when, Psalm One states it plainly. 

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Day!

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