Monday, November 25, 2013

A Little Night Convergence

Good Morning Monday!  I am delighted to see you!  I am thankful to see you!  It's a beautiful Monday morning in the neighborhood, in Rancho De Five and in our home.  The heater is taking the edge of coolness out of the air and the fireplace is adding ambiance and warmth.  Roy is coming in from Southern Maid, which just happened to open this morning.  He is all things being equal because I think he was the first customer for the Shipley's when it opened.  There is an assortment to sample.  I passed on the boudain kolache, but Roy has proclaimed it to be wonderful.  The glazed donut kind of reminds me of Krispy Cream in glazing style.  When one can be a donut critic, one must have eaten too many donuts in one's lifetime.  Accompanying our assortment today is coffee flavored with Bailey's Irish Cream.  Not the real stuff but the coffee creamer.  But all the above only contributes to a beautiful morning on the prairie.  I will get to that in a minute.

We went to church yesterday morning, our church, not visiting a church.  Honestly the draw for attendance was the release of the orchestra's new CD.  Which by the way is outstanding!  It is called Adoration at Stone Chapel.  The other draw?  A return trip to The Fresh Market.  The serendipity of the morning, going to Le Peep, otherwise called LBS-Late Breakfast Stop, with Cary and Kathleen.  We had a lovely meal together with laughs and good conversation...heck, we even had prayer and the prayer was to thank God not to bring in a table or to quiet a room.  Love that about our LBS.  We adjourned and Roy and I headed to The Fresh Market.  We picked up a few supplies for pre Thanksgiving week and Thanksgiving Day.  We also stopped in at Barnes and Noble because I had a mailer full of coupons that were just begging to be used and used they were.  Roy found a book, I found a book and a magazine and buy one get one free tin of tea.  We chose Christmas Spice.  Then we got back in the Jeep Wrangler, which by the way is a whole lot easier to get in than to get out of, and headed back to the wet, cold prairie.  We were welcomed at the door by a meowing, attention needing Buddy.  Buddy and I soon settled in for a cup of hot tea, a book and eventually a nap.  Roy tried to hang in there with the Texans.  If they had been winning, it would have been too loud to take a nap on the couch. 

I had texted Dena in the afternoon to let me know when she got home because I had a few goodies for her.  Knew she had an exhausting weekend.  I planned to leave the goodies by the gate so she could get them and still have much needed alone time.  What a great surprise when she called that she had gotten in some alone time and wanted me to come in with the goodies.  I was so happy to do so because I wanted to see the new things she got for her home.  Love how she has made her home so warm and inviting.  We visited a little and then I headed back home to read and to watch football with Roy.  Love to watch Peyton Manning play. 

All was calm until about 1:30 am.  I woke up and ended up throwing up.  Of course never waking the slumbering and snoring Roy.  I got back in bed feeling rather confident that a return trip was unnecessary, but then the strangest thing happened.  I was immediately drenched in sweat.  I thought my heart had gone into afib because I could feel an irregular beat.  I got up to take a blood pressure reading, never once disturbing Roy, and found it to be normal and my oxygen count in my blood was good too.  I returned to bed still sweating and actually kicked off the covers to cool off and now my skin felt like someone had rubbed Ben Gay on me.  Nothing was working to help me cool off, so I woke up Roy.  He fixed me a cool compress of ice and I put that on the back of my neck.  I asked him to pray for me and he did asking the Lord for bold things.  He fell back asleep but the tingling on my skin continued.  If something didn't happen soon, I was going to wake up Roy once again to either call for an ambulance or take me to the hospital.   And then, just as suddenly as it all had come upon me, it was gone.  I woke up this morning feeling good, heart in rhythm.  I have no clue what all that was about last night but I don't want it to return.  There were several times I had the maudlin thoughts of, am I going to die?  Well, I know that will happen someday unless the rapture occurs before that, but I was thinking more specifically...last night.  Maybe it was my meds not agreeing with popcorn I ate way too late last night but I can say...out my house whatever that sickness was. 

Roy is anxious to get the day started but of course I am into easing into the day.  I think he really wants to use this computer and not the lap top.  So I am off, literally the computer and the start of a beautiful day. 

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