Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post Thanksgiving and Black Friday

A quiet moment on Saturday morning.  It feels good to sit here, eating breakfast and not having to jump into the day so quickly.  This week has had a lot of workmen, installers and appointments to have things taken care of around the house.  The men have come in, done their job and disturbed everyday life.  Another thing I notice is, when they moved furniture, they failed to complete the task because, none of it has been put back into place.  The day is beginning quietly but once Roy gets home from Bible study and yet one more trip to Best Buy, the TV will be on until late this evening.  We will work on the last bit of Christmas and then we will cheer Auburn in the Iron Bowl. 

Guess I am a little sad because fall officially ended yesterday for us out here on the prairie.  I gathered together all my favorite decorations and stored them away until next September.  We are in the midst of Christmas decorations.  We listened and watched LSU win for senior day in Death Valley with improbable freshmen and second stringers as they made a 99 yard march down the field in the closing moments of the game.    In a melancholy way the sound of college football is silent until much later in December after today.  Yep. fall is over and now onto winter.

This has been an unusual Thanksgiving.  I like that.  I don't miss a lot of things about the holidays from the past, but the one constant that I do miss whether it be a holiday or an every day, is my mother.  Truthfully, I always had a countdown that began on Thanksgiving and ended in mid-January where the best moment of the day was putting an X on the day and getting one day closer to the goal of being done with this season.   We went against the status quo of holidays after my mother passed away because it is futile to try and recreate certain parts of holidays.  It is better to begin new ways, not even going to use the word traditions.  It works for this season of our lives.  Last year we went out of town for Thanksgiving, this year we stayed around home.  Because we have had so many in working and since we did not have Sequisha, we weren't able to go to the storage unit to get decorations until Thanksgiving Day. 

Sequisha came home to us on Wednesday.  Roy brought her home.  She looks great.  Thanksgiving morning Roy made a delicious breakfast.  Let's just say anytime Midway Market bacon is a part of a meal, it is a good meal.  Roy began scouting out the sales and making his action plan for Friday morning.  Once he did that, we went over to Bass Pro Shop because that is what non hunting or sporting life people do on a holiday.  Two years ago we bought holiday dishes there and new boots for Roy.  This year I got a winter hat and Roy got some flannel and waffle shirts.  Then we went to the storage unit.  We had forgotten just how much Christmas junk we have which is somewhat surprising since it is not the most wonderful time of the year for me.  Many of the things I have were things made by my mom or ornaments she brought back from trips that we would find in our Christmas stockings.  Yep, my mom did our stockings up until those last years when we would have been grateful if she even knew what stockings were.   During that first trip to the storage unit, we realized the timing of the day was off for our holiday meal.  So after the first load we went to Jack in the Box and got our Thanksgiving tacos.  Then we unloaded and went back for the much smaller second load.  Later in the evening we went over to our friends for a bit and when we came home we finished off Thanksgiving Day with some of the best ham I have ever tasted. 

Yesterday, we waited for Comcast and they actually came on time.  After lunch, we began working on decorations for the yard.  It had been my intention to outsource lights but we waited too late.  So, we added net lights on our hedge which one would think would be an easy task.  Ha!  I live to laugh!  In the midst of untangling net lights we come to the conclusion we have not bought enough lights for our hedge.  Once again math failed me and it was Roy's math which is usually good.  We should have gone with my...hmmm...5 boxes of lights just feels right approach.  Thus Math Man had to go back to Lowe's, who by this time are almost out of lights to get a few more boxes.  In the midst of searching for lights and other things, he had his shopping cart with the boxes of lights he had found, stolen from him when his back was turned.  He tracked down the culprit and when their back was turned, he took them right back.  Ah, the Christmas spirit on Black Friday.....  What is so sad is, Roy was at Lowe's at 5:00 am that morning getting a wet vac, work light and flashlight that were on special.  Roy just left to go back to Lowe's because the multi plug timer dealy we bought, doesn't work. 

Last night I finished up decorating in the house.  Buddy was wandering through the boxes and I think she was getting nervous that we were packing.  She was my little gray shadow for most of the evening.  We bought these little Christmas lambs last year and keeping Buddy distracted from those took up a lot of valuable decorating time.  Finally, when she had given up staying awake, I was able to put them where I had planned and hopefully she doesn't see them.  I had planned to put out many more decorations but made a decision to go light on decorations.  The antique French pot rack is being used as a tree for the third year and it is almost finished.  I need to find another stocking hanger and then I think the rest of everything will be loaded up and returned to the storage unit.  Don't think I am even going to hang any wreaths this year but I might change my mind by the end of the day.

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