Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Suffices

We are wrapping up a busy yet fun-filled week.  The extra decorations have been loaded and stored back in the storage unit.  The lights out front have been re-worked and a few more decorations have been added in the mix.  All the extension cords have been taped down for safety.  We had Chinese food for lunch and we are making the majority of our holiday dinner tonight.  Extendomatic Thanksgiving.  Roy even got in some weed pulling for the back flowerbed.  He is relaxing watching football and I am contemplating working on homework or working on my project in the casita.  Maybe I will do a little of both. 

This morning I was working on something that Peggy and I will be doing later in December.  And as I was thinking through some of the weirder worlds of women's ministry in the long ago, I had this brief thought.  If women's ministry sponsored a BBQ team in competitions, I think the name "Rib Team" would be appropriate.  It is biblical and relative to the BBQ community. 

 What is the deal in church world that everyone refers to their family as Team_______?  Really?  It feels a little sport/business ease, not so much churchy le-femme.  Family of God or Team of God?  If Roy and I began to refer to ourselves in team vernacular we would either have to be playing doubles in tennis, pairs in figure skating or two person bobsled.  Bobsled is out for us because of my knees but in an economical move, the bobsled could be a sled and after the run a coffin.  There you go.   Don't think we are the figure skater types and besides when we would be referring to ourselves as Team Mon, neither one of us would be able to use the skater terms, double camel, axel, salchow,  or death spiral with a straight face.  So guess, we will have to go with doubles, nah, let's just refer to ourselves as family.  In sports you have to have umpires or referees or officials for teams.  The rules for the starting five in basketball is different than for rest of the team.  No one wants to be a bench warmer in a family or team family.  Yet, head coaches come and go...on teams.  It is not supposed to be that way in families, but it happens.  If calling yourself a team is a rallying cry for you or for your family or team or group, that's great.  I don't think we will buy into the latest trendy, churchy vibe.  We are still so thankful we didn't get into the hysteria of  the prayer of Jaybez although I have heard Jaybez underwear comes up on eBay from time to time. 

It is now Sunday.  Good football games interrupted good writing.  Oh my goodness, you know I tend not to use the word amazing since it is one of the most overused words ever, but that Alabama/Auburn game was was amazing, amazing.  We jumped and hollered and yelled the whole 108 yard last play of the game.  I couldn't help but think of so many Auburn friends who are filled beyond happiness.  Maybe Nick will leave for Texas after this one.  Then we watched the A&M game which Missouri won.  So it was a trifecta for SEC Tigers this weekend and an all Tiger SEC Championship game.  Good thing Auburn has War Eagle to distinguish themselves. 

We slept in this morning.  Roy will be back at it tomorrow and for me, loading and toting Christmas decorations about did me in the past few days.  My knee has been hurting and it hasn't bothered me too much since the injections and the meds.  We didn't even stay up late but it felt good to sleep late.  The only thing that made us stir was Buddy.  She has discovered that she can sit on Roy's bathroom countertop and knock things into the wastebasket which just happens to be metal.  So there is a loud metallic ring.  She's been doing this when she wants us to be up and awake with her.  Cats are rather smart. It has been an ease into the day kind of day.  I need to finish up CBS homework.  We are in Genesis 20 and 21.  Isaac has finally been born and Hagar has once again been put out to pasture.  When she ran away on the road to Shur and was focused on getting back home.  Now in these chapters she seems dazed and confused and is wandering about in the wilderness.  This time, she isn't as focused, so I am thinking this last banishment was quite the surprise. 

No surprise for me but today Sunday suffices.  We've given thanks and continue to give thanks.  We are turned more into the Christmas journey and the joy to the world.  Then after Christmas, we make that last gasp of the year and turn our thoughts and focus to the new.  This year's word for me was proceed.  I've been thinking and praying on what next years word will be.  But today, it is sufficient.

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